How You Can Succeed With Women By Following The Worst Law Ever Made!

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Man Using Law On Woman

Written by Scot McKay – Creator of Invincible – Take Your Power Back.

I‘ve become convinced that most guys spend their entire lives feeling like victims of “Murphy’s Law” when it comes to attracting and maintaining relationships with women.

Surely you know Murphy well yourself.

He’s the guy who famously proclaimed,

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time.”

I’ll be the first to admit, Murphy probably was on to something.

After all, whenever I get into the shortest line at the bank, post office or grocery store, it’s amazing how it magically becomes the longest line simply because I’m standing in it.

Invariably, the guy in front of me has his credit card declined, forgot something in the car, or needs “manager approval”.

And of course, this always happens when I have somewhere else to be in ten minutes.

Really, it happens to the best of us, doesn’t it?

Your tire goes flat in the middle of the desert at 2 am.

The airline’s computers are a mess at the check-in counter and you miss the last plane out for the night as a result.

And tomorrow morning is the Big Meeting.

You go to a restaurant specifically because they have the most amazing prime rib in town. And when you order the waiter informs you that they 86ed prime rib ten minutes ago.

Murphy’s Law. How does it apply to your dating life?

You wait and wait in order to get the gumption to approach a woman on the first day of class.

Finally, after a week of getting your act together, you decide “today’s the day”.

Then you see her in the hallway holding hands with some other guy.

Or, you discover a woman online whose profile outshines all others.

You take an extra day or two crafting the most killer first email of all time.

You go to send it to her, and her profile is gone.

Or, you’ve actually met a great woman.

You think that things are going great.

In fact, you decide she’s pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted in a woman.

She was even hinting already that she wanted an exclusive relationship.

Just when you’re forming the perfect words in the mirror to use in order to make that a reality, the phone rings.

She tells you her ex-boyfriend called and they’re getting back together.

The simple fact is that Murphy’s Law is a metaphor we typically use to describe how we’ve been victimized in some way.

By now, you know how I feel about having a “victim’s mindset”.

Let’s just say that women aren’t attracted to it.

Now, perhaps for the first time in your life, imagine what would happen if instead of being victimized by Murphy’s Law, you instead joined Murphy’s “law enforcement team”.

What if you could be Murphy’s Law?


I’m not going to tell you “victimize” someone.

This is all about you.

What if stuff started going right for you at the best possible time?

If you’re talking about attracting great women and keeping them in your life, you’re probably talking about being a man who succeeds where others misstep.

Every guy isn’t going to get every woman he wishes for.

This, by definition, means that were you to succeed with a particularly amazing woman, Murphy’s Law will have applied to every other guy who had his eye on her.

This is what I mean by being Murphy’s Law.

When I was in the business world, I came up with a mindset that changed my life.

When making decisions I considered the following:

What decision would my competitors LEAST want me to make?

That’s what being Murphy’s Law looks like.

And sure enough, there were times when a massive bid opportunity would emerge and several companies would slave away to get their best offers in the door.

Then, because of some technicality yet another company would surface at the eleventh hour, its offer being admitted to the competition.

Almost invariably, that company that came out of nowhere just days before the award had been planned would win it.

Usually right when another firm thought it had the “inside track” to getting the contract.

All I knew is that I’d much rather be that “eleventh hour” company than one of the others.


Because that’s what competitors dreaded.

Invariably, that last bid is typically allowed because all other bidders’ proposals were deficient in some way that Johnny Come Lately offered a solution for.


Murphy’s Law.

And therein lies my point.

When it comes to getting what you want when others want it also, the fact is that someone is going to get what he or she wants.

Someone is going to–if even by default–act as the “enforcer” of Murphy’s Law while the others suffer under its iron fist. That someone may as well be you.

Here’s your challenge. From now on, be Murphy’s Law.

When you see that great woman online, envision all the other guys out there puzzling over what to write her.

You may even visualize all the other “Mr. Nice Guy” or “Mr. Creepy Guy” emails flooding her inbox.

Then, without hesitation, read that woman’s profile, find what catches your eye about it, challenge her with a creative first e-mail… and expect results.

Be the guy who enthralls her enough to make her want to hide her profile for now – even as other guys are yet in mid-sentence typing to her.

When you see that amazing woman at the airport, realize that 95% of the other men around you would love to talk to her also… but won’t have the guts.

Walk up to her, introduce yourself and be the one man who is the “decision maker” for all the other guys who took too much time gathering themselves.

The most phenomenal women on Earth are ALL going to end up with someone.

That is to say, someone is going to succeed where others wonder what went wrong at the worst possible time.

That someone should be you.

How Do You Talk To Women Without Getting Shamed Or Arrested Nowadays?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve been shocked and amazed by how brazen the anti-male movement has gotten.

The #MeToo hashtag is purposefully vague so as to shame practically any male for virtually any “offense”, all the while cheapening actual sexual assault and fostering a victim mentality among more women than ever.

And the pace at which the rich and famous are being called out, shamed and being ruined for sexual offenses–sometimes without any hard evidence, let alone due process–is enough to cause any man to run for his life.

But see, the truth is you’re NOT one of those guys.

You’re not a monster simply because you’re male and heterosexual.

And just because so many are being hit with allegations doesn’t mean you’re next to be accused.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of women are still 100% female and heterosexual. They never wanted it to come to this either.

Bold, confident masculinity is what turns on feminine sexual urges.

Sex is the most powerful force in the universe, and—news flash—politics can’t stop it and more than you and I could stop a freight train.

Remember, without you women are left unsatisfied…AND the human race would be extinct in 100 years.

So how do you wrap your head around this?

How do you attract women and interact with them without ever having to worry about them blowing the “sexual harassment” whistle on you?

How can you–even as a regular, decent guy–expect to initiate physical, sexual contact without having the “rape police” called on you?

These are the questions men ask my friend and long-time dating coach Scot McKay every day.

Hell, even WOMEN are writing him asking why men don’t even LOOK at them anymore, let alone talk to them or ask them out.

Obviously, it’s all spiraling out of control at breakneck speed.

Just yesterday I read an article about how male managers aren’t even hiring women anymore, and male employees are practically begging their bosses not to be put in the “socially perilous” position of working with women.

It’s gotten to where nearly ALL of us see virtually ANY interaction with ANY woman as a surefire way to have our reputations, careers and even our very freedom itself brought to ruins…again, all without due process.


I mean…should we drown in porn and die alone?

Hell no. There are rational, objective answers…and they make perfect sense when you know the truth:

Click Here To Get The Women You Want… Even In Today’s World – Invincible!

Guys, this is what Invincible is ALL about.

I began work on this magnum opus project several years ago, shortly after the “street harassment” videos started sprouting up on YouTube.

Indeed, most of us saw this coming, but unlike others who stuck their head in the sand hoping the toxic gender politics would eventually subside and go away, he knew we had to hit this head on.

Your masculinity and your very future was, and remains, at stake.

Invincible brings answers, and it delivers actionable steps to succeed with women despite the current state of affairs in the world.

Leave that sinking feeling of frustration behind and take your power back, once and for all.

There’s nothing better than rising above the social melee surrounding male/female relations nowadays and getting the women you want ANYWAY…even as they adore you for it:

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The real, feminine women out there are waiting for you to step up.

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