If You Miss An Opportunity To Approach A Woman, Can You Get A Second Chance?


Women are all about giving second chances to a guy she notices (noticing her) as long as he’s not acting creepy and lingering about.

It is often taught – You have a limited set amount of time if you want to approach a woman…

If you fail to act or utter a sentence you’re done.

Let’s separate the facts from the myth here and then I’ll give my opinion on whether or not a woman will give you a second chance to approach her.

Most men who struggle in the “pick up” world must be shown to flee or flight. Their nervousness, their anxiety, and their fears must be overcome.

If they think about it too much and cross the line instinct, then what really happens is – they will fail to approach her. Period.

The myth is women will never respond positively to a guy who waits too long to approach her.

The fact is they do not like to be picked up.

They don’t like to feel it was planned.

If you sit around, act skittish, stare at her from afar, get very close to her proximity and linger about, and then you finally decide to meet her…

Well then of course you’re going to make it much harder to create an attractive connection and to her it feels planned, structured, and not at all a magical meeting she can tell her friends about.

It’s not impossible though.

Women are highly sensitive to what is happening in a social environment and most women are okay with the nervousness.

However if you come across as creepy by hanging about and trying to check her out or wait for that perfect opportunity to talk to her, she’ll sense the lack of confidence.

You’ll work harder.

So the fact is…

Approach her quickly before you talk yourself out of it and before you do something stupid and become accidentally creepy.

That’s the world of pick up.

That’s the world where you’re out “clubbing”,  “bar hopping”, “cruising the strip”, “beach surfing” or whatever you want to call it.

You go out with a single purpose… Meet a hot girl.

And it’s tough work.

It takes a lot practice and patience.

You have to work all facets. You have to be smooth. Quick.

You have to get in and get out with something like a number, an email, or a place to meet up.

So you’re actually there with a purpose of getting something from a woman by using your clever “salesman” tactics.

Another fact…

Nobody wants to be sold.

Nobody wants to meet someone who wants something from them unless they’re selling that something.

If that’s how you’re playing it, you’ll get very little second chances.

Let’s go back to the “real world” here.

Most men feel pressured to approach women because it’s the only way to meet more of them.

It’s the only way to find a girlfriend.

It’s considered the only way you’ll ever get some.

Most men despise or hate “meeting women” because it’s an awkward moment and they know, most of the time it goes nowhere anyways.

They’ll skip the opportunity and hope to get a second chance.

Hope she’ll come to him.

Hope someone will introduce them and save all the weird shit for another time.

If you’re that guy we have a lot in common.

Except I’ve been doing this for a while and I understand…

In the real world, whereas you’re not a pickup artist, whereas you’re not always out to get something, where you actually enjoy meeting people, where as it might take you a few months to get to know the cutey behind the counter, or at the desk across the room, or a friend of a friend your friend knows, or the smart ass waitress who always takes your orders… (and so on)

Second chances can easily become a better opportunity than the first one and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Women are ALL about giving second chances especially if she notices something about you.

Did you know if a woman notices you, maybe she sees you’re checking her out, maybe she caught you out of the corner of her eye, maybe she knows “of you” from a friend, or was a little physically attracted to you for some reason…

And whatever your reason is – you don’t approach her, she’ll ( depending on her level of esteem ) will actually feel like she did something wrong or there’s something wrong with her YOU didn’t like.

Forget the reasons why. That’s her thing.

From this angle, the first non-approach created mystery. She wondered why you noticed her and didn’t do anything about it.

Give yourself a second chance ( avoid doing all those creepy moves ) to show her you DID in fact notice her and although you’re not the type of guy to jump all over a “hottie” and that your world does NOT revolve around “picking up” women, talking to her just felt right.

That’s all.

Not compelled to action.

Not blinded by her beauty.

Not coerced by your friends and the circumstance.

But that it just felt right to introduce yourself to a woman you noticed and enjoyed some pleasurable eye contact at an earlier time.

Second chances are totally naturally if your social life is more than confined to a single room.

Second chances are great opportunities to give a woman that “magical” meeting she wants to tell people about – and if you talk to everyone, sometimes they’re going to have to wait for another time.

But then the second time around makes her feel less like your agenda and more like something that’s inevitable.

Trust me on this, and please ask any woman you know about it…

If a meeting feels inevitable to her, like it was meant to happen, that second chance just became so much more powerful than that first one could have ever been.

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  • Saud

    I came here looking for an answer as to what to do about and how to deal with that miserable feeling that a girl sent you a signal that she is open to you. and you missed it. The miserable feeling that you liked her too but felt constrained and missed the chance. That you want to see her again and talk to her, but you will never see her again. What to do sir? Ask god?

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