Is How You Are Approaching Women Seen as Creepy? Are You A Creep?


Are you creeping out women? Learn to recognize when it’s happening so you can avoid it and approach more women.


f you feel like you’re going to look like a creep and it’s stopping you from approaching lots of women then I suggest you read what I’m about to share with you.

One huge reason guys avoid approaching women is because they’re nervous but where does that nervousness come from?

Rejection and because they want to avoid looking like a creep.

Some guys will hide behind a prop as if she’s not going to notice why the same guy was doing the same thing everyday. Which might make her curious and a little nervous but it’s when you stare and don’t introduce yourself is when it becomes creepy.

#1 – She will be more likely to feel your “creepiness” when you’re hanging around closely AND you’re obviously attracted to her and you don’t say anything or at least introduce yourself.


The answer:

Don’t linger unless you’re going to say something. Don’t hide unless you have a good reason to avoid her like really bad breath that day, your zippers down, etc.. 🙂

Another side to this would be sending her a note or worse yet… a letter.

Yes, I wouldn’t know this one if I didn’t do it myself and although it felt I was being genuine with her, and I did it many times, it was seen as terribly creepy and destroyed any chance of anything ever happening between the two of us.

It screams “I’m creepy and I hope you love me.”

#2  – No letter or not should EVER be written to any woman you SHOULD be approaching. I understand to you it looks sincere and different but to her it’s creepy and weird.


The answer:

Don’t put on paper what every other guy is thinking.

Imagine this next scenario of creepiness.

I don’t have to because it has happened to a hot friend of mine more than once and her friends too.

#3 – Slipping her any of your contact info on a card (while winking or not) IF it’s not mutually agreed to and you spent some time together.


Here’s this guy trying to show off to the hot bartender. He was throwing his money around all evening. Bought lots of drinks for everyone. Barely said two words to her BUT thought he would tip her big at the end of the night and in that cash… he left his freaking card!

She told me about it later and being the sometimes bastard I am, I called the number and left him a message pretending to be her and that I was actually a guy. Was he still interested? 🙂

Now I understand this one may be a no-brainer but then why does it still happen? Usually because the guy is clueless and that’s actually understandable.

BUT even if you’re NOT that guy you will still risk being the same creep if all you do is slip her your info “hoping” she’ll take the hint.

The answer: Never slip her your contact info. Make it known. Always exchange numbers and make sure you’ve at least broken the ice and made a great first impression through your conversational skills.

You want those conversation and attraction skills…? Learn it from this guy, he’s awesome at it and better at showing you how. This is MY page to him and NOT his link –> Bobby Rio Interview – Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy You’ll find about 15 great articles on conversation and texting there and if you like his work pick it up there or here: Make Small Text Sexy Video OR drop your email for a 27 page manuscript on what to really say to women.

#4 – Hitting on her constantly or “objectifying” her with little regard to her space.


There’s no fine between blatantly “hitting on her” and flirting. If that is not obvious to you I can guarantee it is clear to her and you will be labeled a creep very quickly.

“She asked me to pretend to talk to her so she could avoid this creep who wouldn’t stop hitting on her.”

9 Questions Us Nice Guys Must Ask To See If We’re Creeping Women Out  (Located at DiaLteG TM)

Flirting is okay. Hitting on her is NOT.

“Objectifying” a woman only sends her a signal that you don’t understand women, you can’t get women, other women with any respect at all wouldn’t touch you AND combine that with no regard for her personal space does more than give her creepy vibes from you.

Granted if you’re drunk and just acting like an ass, I can understand it. Done it myself BUT it didn’t work. You know that just as sure as I know you’ve seen other guys do it.

The answer:

Alcohol aside, learn to recognize when you just might be pushing it a little much perhaps out of desperation or that you’ve given up on being nice because women are frustrating you. Flirt more. Respect more. Accuse HER of hitting on YOU 🙂 in a funny sarcastic tone of course.

#5 – Weak and reserved body language along with nervous ticks and movements which are not necessary.


Don’t get caught up in believing women are thinking about everything your body is doing. They’re not analyzing your every move to disqualify you quickly. Yeah of course some do but don’t worry about them…. focus on your body and not hers for the time being at least. 😉

As much this sucks because believe me, I made all sorts of creepy moves and I could not understand why it was such a big deal to them BUT it was.

All those creepy body language signals we give may feel just us being ourselves and how we might be a little nervous but to a woman it says we’re not confident. We don’t know what to do with ourselves. It’s just unattractive in a purely primitive sense.

The answer:

Slow down. Have purpose. Find and eliminate some of the small things you do which may be considered creepy…  especially when you’re approaching her.

Okay, if you need props in the beginning they can help but get yourself off of them as quickly as you can.

All a woman really needs is a short exciting conversation in the beginning to become interested in seeing you again or exchanging numbers.

Don’t get too involved using props because they can easily become a distraction from your personality.

Relaxed and comfortable should be your first choice in body posture.

This is the most attractive form.

The words I learned from David DeAngelo’s Body Language which helped me the most was, “Become extremely comfortable in your own skin.” and it works because it’s extremely attractive to women. Very powerful indeed. Remember I’m a short skinny guy and it worked (along with everything else) for me.

Pick it up if need to get this part of your dating skill handled because it WILL make a huge difference on whether women will find you creepy or not.

In fact, I’m willing to bet with the right body language you can make mistakes 1,3, and 4 but she won’t find you creepy enough to not want to hear from again. ( #2 well I highly doubt there’s anyway around this one. )


he next part of list is YOUR part. If you’ve ever creeped out a woman, let’s hear about it.

Ladies too…

What’s one simple thing a guy does which screams creep and turns you off almost instantly?

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  • susannekalsas

    I had a guy hanging around me, staring. He worked at a bar and I was a regular. Whenever I was there, he would come out of nowhere. Standing beside me, in front of me, or even worse, behind me. I found out that two of his co-workes were notifying him that I was there. After following me for 2,5 years to three different bars and three complains, he finally gave up. I have a strong suspicion his boss had a talk with him after another person at a different bar also complained about his behaviour towards me. It was a romantic nightmare. I still shrug thinking about it!

    • Peter White

      Guys don’t normally let themselves believe the fact that – Lingering around her for too long without saying anything is always a little creepy. Especially a few years. He was hoping you’d notice him and open up to him sparing him the rejection.

      I say “let themselves believe” because (normally) they know what they’re doing but just can’t help themselves.


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