Is She Trying To Steal Him Away? How To Handle Competition For Your Man

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Competitive Competition Handle Your Man

Written by Carlos Cavallo – creator of Irresistible Desire.

How to handle the ultimate threat to your relationship: COMPETITION!

“I’ve been listening to Irresistible Desire. To be honest, it’s got to be the best advice product on relationships I’ve come across.

Thank you.

I have a really odd situation at work. There’s a woman at work who it seems like makes a lot of the men fall in love with her (Cleopatra like).

She’s not super pretty, she’s older and frumpy, but she understands men and shows her vulnerability to them. I feel she’s weak but I guess she knows how to let them be a hero…..

So she doesn’t have to do the work or have the education and they all do it for her and give her the promotion. Now she’s going after the man I’ve been seeing and I see him falling for her. I know she’s a black widow type….and It kills me.

What can I do? Anything?

Other than get a new job and dump the guy. ugh.

– Maryann”

Well, Maryann, you discovered that most frustrating of obstacles to women…

That obstacle is the woman who has tapped into the “Hunter Instinct” that I reveal in this new video presentation:

How To Put Him Under Your Secret “Love Spell”.

First of all, yeah, there is something you can do…

But before we even go there – here’s what you must NOT do:

Absolutely, positively, do NOT fall into the trap of viewing HER as the enemy.

One of the biggest traps of romance is to get sucked up into the belief that your problem with a man is because of “competition.”

(Men make this mistake, too. In fact, I used to.)

This is the easiest way to “victim” yourself out of the man you want… by believing that YOUR lack of success is because of someone else’s success.

(Re-read that – it’s actually a BIG insight…)

The simple fact is that to not stop and learn why she’s got his interest and you don’t is the most HUMONGOUS mistake that you can make.

You said it’s “killing you…”

Well, inevitably, angry emotions about that “bee-otch” make you easy prey for her.

She doesn’t succeed because of HER – she succeeds because of YOU!

Because the way to out-fox the fox is simply to *wait for her to make a mistake!*


Because they *always* do.

And it’s the ACE card that very few women can use because their impatience almost always get the better of them. They feel like the opportunity is slipping away, even when it’s not.

This “Black Widow” as you call her, is something I refer to more affectionately as a “Natural.”

Meaning that she “naturally” understands some of the secret tricks I show you in the Irresistible Desire program.

The problem is that she doesn’t know exactly what it is she’s doing that’s working, so that makes her easy to outsmart.

But where she usually fails is when someone who KNOWS how to unlock his desire can watch and wait for the right opportunity.

The best chess players know how to do this very same technique.

For now, just let her know you’re in the game and you’re not intimidated.

This will usually make her want to rush it a little. I guarantee you she’s used to getting an emotional response from her ‘competition’ – and when you don’t give her it, she’ll be shaken up.

And that’s where she will make the mistakes that YOU already know about.

All you have to do is focus on the 4 things I told you to use to make him feel like THE MAN.

(Don’t worry about making him feel important as much as the other three.)

And be sure to review the first and last video in “The Woman He Wants” section of the program where I talk more about the signals he’s looking for.

The beauty of waiting is that it puts you in the driver’s seat. You don’t have to work very hard, and you’ll be in the power position when she slips up.

Don’t mistake this for being passive and disappearing from his life – far from it!

You just use the “passive” techniques I show you in the program, and you’ll DESTROY her hold on him.

Again, most women will jump in and start to try-hard on him, and wind up scaring him off.

Follow the strategy I give you in my program, and you can lean back and relax as she pushes him BACK into your arms!

If you’re reading this right now and you’d like to know my complete blueprint for opening a man’s heart and soul to you, then you need to see this video:

How To Put Him Under Your Secret “Love Spell”.

Where I reveal the Secret Signal that he is looking for – the one that opens a man’s heart and creates feverish and inescapable feelings of desire for you….

Yours In Perfect Passion…

– Carlos Cavallo

Having a man close to you is a wonderful feeling.

The warmth of his embrace. The smell of his skin. The safety and comfort when you’re near him.

And one of the most frustrating things a woman can feel is the suspicion that you might have accidentally pushed him away…

That you may have even scared a good man off.

Well, the truth is that the reason he doesn’t want you or desire you is simply because you never made him feel like you “GET” him.

You Gotta Show Him You GET him!

Most women think it’s enough to make herself look appealing by fixing her hair, makeup, and clothes

That if she makes herself LOOK good enough, he’ll desire her and fall in love with her…

But this is backwards. And it feels *desperate* to men.

What he REALLY needs to feel is that you UNDERSTAND him as a man!

And you’d be VERY surprised how easy it is to send a guy the wrong signal and make him think you don’t get him AT ALL!

A lot of women pretend to understand a man in order to to pry open his heart

But it backfires on them when they don’t do it the right way…

Like when she pretends to be interested in his hobbies or sports or television shows, but it’s just her faking “good behavior”

And then an alarm goes off in his head when he figures it out (and he DOES) – and then slams the door to his love on you.

You have to show him that you not only understand MEN – but the unique things about HIM as a man…

We men know when a woman “GETS” us and is on our team, and when it’s just a trick to get us to open up…

But if you show him something called the “Secret Signal” – he instantly melts for you.

If you show him this Signal, you can have just about any man spellbound – IRRESISTIBLY desiring you…!

(It’s almost like cheating…)

Oh, and if you think that the “Secret Signal” men are looking for is SEX – that’s NOT it!

(BTW, the *worst* mistake you can make is to sleep with him too quickly just because you think he might “move on” if you don’t…)

If you’d like to know what this Secret Signal is that makes men desire you uncontrollably, I’d like you to watch this new video here:

Irresistible Desire – the “Secret Signal” – that gets him to instantly melt for you.

And you’ll also discover something incredibly exciting – a NEW way for you to unlock the secrets of the male mind.

Carlos CavalloCarlos Cavallo is one of the most brilliant men I’ve met in the dating and relationship field. He’s been one of my top few mentors as he has personally helped me with my “female” problems and he’s a big reasons why I am in the business I am today and happily married to my beautiful and amazing wife.

Both of us have switched over to helping women. It was a natural progression because we’re the ones who taught guys about you. He UNDERSTANDS men not only because he’s smart, open-minded, and thrives on learning and discovering new things BUT because he too has taken the time to explore himself.

I believe this exploration of himself helped him to see EXACTLY what makes men tick, how to attract them, what they respond to, how they communicate, and what to communicate to them which gets them to commit to the right woman.

I give ANYTHING he creates my full support with very little scrutiny because he’s a stand up guy who knows men, dating, relationships, and happy living too.

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