Is He Likely To Stray From The Relationship? Ten Reasons Why Men Cheat


He did not have the confidence and strength to just say “no.” and if he couldn’t say no to this, he won’t say “no” to cheating later on.

Why do men cheat is perhaps The #1 question asked by women all over the world.

Oddly enough the #1 question asked by women when the question is rephrased to, “Why do guys…?” I think you’re going to love this…

“Why do guys have nipples?”

😀 Maybe we’ll tackle that one a little later.

So why would a guy cheat?

This is a long subject and I won’t be getting into all the details just yet.

However I will list the all the reasons I have got from men over the years. In no particular order of course.

It seems to center around insecurity, not being in the same place as you, over nurturing, invalid sex life, and some do it just for the thrill of it all.

I fear if you’ve found or experienced many of what is listed he is definitely more likely to stray from the relationship.

Whatever his reasons are you’ll find the top ten listed below with some helpful commentary from me of course.

1. He’s not sexually satisfied in the relationship.

I can not speak for every man but I’m 40 and still think about sex constantly.

Some men are not very good at communicating and if he is either afraid of telling you or doesn’t know how – you can expect he’s more like to stray sexually.

2. He settled with a great mother and sex is not as important to her.

Let’s face it.

Some women don’t rate sex as being important in their lives.

If a man ends up with her he will sooner or later, if the issue is not resolved have thoughts of infidelity to meet his sexual needs.

This comes down to two people entering a relationship who are not on the same level.

If sex is much less important to you than it is for him – there could be a problem in the relationship unless this is resolved.

3. He got into a relationship for security reasons but was not ready to settle down.

In other words he has “mommy” issues. I’ve known way too many men who are afraid of being single. I know. Sounds like a bunch of bull but it’s not.

In fact I have known more men than women who settle with the first girl that comes along and makes him feel secure.

If at any time a man or woman enters a relationship for reasons of security alone when the issue is temporarily solved, this could actually lead to cheating. This happens because of the false confidence which is created.

4. Some men actually get off on the thrill of not getting caught.

Ah yes the thrill of it all. For some men without the added edge to their sex life they will cheat to get the thrill.

Everyone agrees communication is key to a successful relationship.

If the lines are not open and/or you don’t understand how to satisfy his”thrill seeking” wants you might find him straying because the excitement of it all is too hard to resist.

5. Revenge.

Yes. Some guys feel like they’ve been cheated on and this may be enough to cause him to stray.

The vindictive man is dangerously close to having an affair whether he has been cheated on or not.

This happens because of his insecurity.

He may “assume” you’re cheating because he might not feel good enough at some parts of the relationship.

It doesn’t even have to be about sex.

6. Sexual addict.

Addictive personalities that enjoy sex and can get it often find themselves constantly cheating on their partner. For most men this has nothing to do with sex.

This is the means to meet their addictive needs.

Some sexual addicts might not even admit that it’s cheating because to them – it’s an addiction and has little to do with actual feelings of love.

7. Immaturity.

He is looking for a way out of the relationship and he is not mature enough to back out the right way.

Men will cheat to take the so-called easy way out of a relationship.

What’s a typical easy way to get a woman to break up with you?

Cheat on her.

Sure it creates many problems later on down the road but since “immaturity” is a major reason people get into relationship too quickly it also leads to many breakups and infidelity.

8. He feels pushed into a relationship too early.

He did not have the confidence and strength to just say “no.” and if he couldn’t say no to this, he won’t say “no” to cheating later on.

Some men are weak and will give in to the relationship over the result of losing his woman. He’ll enter a commitment just to keep her around. This typically happens when she gives him the,

“It’s me or  nothing.”

Any time you give a man an ultimatum expecting it to solve something it often leads to lesser feeling of commitment.

Strange how that works but you can not make somebody feel something or commit.

They have to make the decision for themselves.

If a woman makes, or takes this kind of leadership role with a man it could very easily lead cheating.

9. Because he can.

Yes men have this instinctive drive to procreate with many different women.

Men, as part of being in the male species, do not have to invest as much as a woman when it comes to caring for the results. A child.

So in a way – us guys are “bred” to keep “giving.”

Often you’ll find this happens with guys who are more in tune with their primitive needs than their procreative needs. This can include overly daring men who like to live on the edge.

Here’s another reason a man might cheat “because he can.”

From my own personal experience I can tell you men who are not very good with women will experience a huge surge of confidence when he hooks up with a woman who he believes is beyond his standards.

Unfortunately this surge of confidence can also lead any guy to believe, “well if I can get her…what about her.”

Then he starts acting differently around women, in an attractive way, and suddenly women seem to be a little more interested in him sexually.

And for some guys that’s a temptation not every guy can resist.

10. One last fling.

Yes some men need to have one more roll in the sack before any commitment.

I’m not sure how prevalent this is but we all must admit this type of cheating will either send him running for her quicker than every before, or make him questions the relationship for years after.

If I scared some of you let me reassure you just because there are lots of reasons a man might cheat on you does not mean every guy’s a cheater.

And the good news is – take a close hard look at all the reasons above and you’ll notice some distinct patterns.

Those patterns can and will help you enjoy a monogamous relationship.

Let’s not “stray” too far from the point of this article so I’ll give it to you quickly.

Ways to avoid entering a relationship with a man who is more likely to cheat:

  • Clear and easy communication.
  • Make sure you are both on the same level of completeness.
  • Never be, act, or become overly nurturing with him.
  • Never push a man into a relationship.

My condolences if you’ve ever been cheated on.

I’m not here to place blame or even point my finger.

It happens and sometimes it completely unavoidable.

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