Video Highlights and Advice On The First Step In Attracting Men

How To Attract Men In One Easy Step – Video Highlights

Some women have no problem attracting men. They get a man’s interest easily and then have no problem keeping him attracted.

A shared secret about the women who are natural with men. It’s not about being beautiful or incredibly smart. And it’s not about being the best dressed.

It doesn’t matter how old or how rich you are…They are obvious bonuses but they do little create that gut level attraction men experience.

  • Be self-confident enough to know that you deserve the best.
  • You attract what you think you deserve. This applies to everyone regardless of their personal circumstance.

Here’s how that applies to you:

  • People can tell what sort of value you place on yourself.
  • If you put up with “less-than- desirable”  behavior from men then that’s the exact type of guy you’re going to attract.
  • If you’re unsure about many things of yourself – you’ll end up with guys who feel the same way. They’re not sure if they want to be in a relationship or where they want to be or sometimes who they really are.

When you’re experiencing this type of relationships over and over – you bet it’s not a coincidence.

  • If you are willing to settle for less you will not be satisfied.
  • Uncertainty can be real attraction killer.

Consciously make a decision to set really high standards for yourself. Focus what you really want and when you have a clear picture in your head – focus on embodying that vision for yourself.

Step one is getting a handle on your own self-worth. Respect yourself. Value yourself.

  • Knowing what you want and taking the steps to make it happen is a trait of a naturally attractive woman.
  • Having the courage to always demand high standards for yourself.
  • Acting with value takes knowledge and practice.

Give it a try… Take the First Step to Supreme Self-Confidence And Attract Higher Value


Peter White here…creator of the “DiaLteG“, and “Why Do Guys…?”  I value my opinions and I’m full of them!  🙂

The number one argument I hear about Mirabelle’s proposal on the first step in attracting men is “What about how a woman looks?”

Aren’t men only attracted to beautiful women?

I’ll probably get myself in trouble for this but I’ve been known to be quite a shallow person with regards to what women I really wanted. So I feel I’m the perfect guy to discuss it.

I thought hard about it and how it applies here and her “higher self-worth” advice and I must say it hit me hard.

The truth is – since I was typically only interested in how a woman looks, I attracted women, and probably still do, the ones who shared the same feelings about themselves and unfortunately me too.

The women I felt the most attracted to were the ones who took way too much time focus on every aspect of how they looked instead of the more important parts I now advocate.

They were also inevitably superficial about how I looked which made it extremely difficult to attract a beautiful woman. The ones I chased demanded more in the looks department than I had to give.

I have always advised you only attract those who share the same value as you do. Since my values were low in the personality part and high in the “hot body” area I only felt attracted women who were either terribly concerned and worried about how they looked, or were somehow “just out of my league” because I didn’t match up to their own superficial goals.

In turn I began to feel more and more with each passing day – that women were only concerned with having a hot guy by her side. When in fact those were the only women I was interested. The ones who actually did care about what he looked like.

Whether you feel the same as I do or not – if you can fully admit you’re only going to attract those based on how you feel about yourself by learning how to value yourself more and gain that extra edge of self-confidence just might be what’s going to help you..

Take the First Step to Supreme Self-Confidence And Attract Higher Value

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