Picking Up Women – When You Make Your Bed You’ve Got To Sleep In It


Written by Scot McKay Try and Buy Invincible – Be Bold, Confident, and Dominant and watch women love every minute of it.

It’s easy for a guy to become entirely fascinated by the concept of becoming a pickup artist.

The initial curiosity is, of course, whether or not a guy actually can “pull” women with the ease and fantastically mind-blowing results he’s told is possible.

For a good number of guys, once they learn some very real skills they soon come to the clear and delightful realization that,

Whoa. This stuff DOES work.

And it’s no secret that I readily acknowledge that reality.

No doubt: If you work hard enough at “pickup mastery“, you are likely going to be able to get the job done.

Next, typically, a guy with newfound PUA skill proceeds to make good use of it. Same night pulls. One night stands. Threesomes. Foursomes. Moresomes.

And to the average guy who has thus far not had a whole lot of positive experience with members of the opposite sex, this stuff is nothing short of tantalizing even in mere principle.

And actually getting somewhere in real life with it all?


No argument.

But perhaps an even more powerful reality-and one that’s talked about much less often in marketing copy-is this:

That lifestyle is not exactly what lots and lots of guys have in mind when they decide they want to “get better with women”.

Some of us want quality instead of quantity.

In the back of our minds, we all pretty much know that there are TONS of women who aren’t “easy pulls”.

Not coincidentally, they are often the most desirable women overall by any measure.

If the mindset is that of having a great woman around (preferably the all-around GREATEST of all time), building a shared history with someone we can have cool adventures with, harboring NO CONCERN over “sexual scheduling”, and-go figure-maybe having a real, live kid or two, then the “PUA training” at best has a shelf life.

To those of you guys who take the long view from the very beginning, mad love atcha. You may have missed out on the smorgasbord, but you’ve saved yourself the heartburn.

Because here it is:

If you jump headfirst into the PUA lifestyle, someday you just might decide it’s time for a change.

It’s altogether possible-if not downright likely-that you’ll one day decide to uninstall the “revolving door”. And you’ll be ready to step up to attracting the highest echelon of women out there.

Or, equally likely, you may instead walk headfirst into a brick wall when you least expect it.

I have no idea what that “brick wall’s” name is going to be, but I do know this:

She will be the most amazing creature you’ve ever encountered. You’ll be pretty much distracted from the “mirror foggers” in your black book and ready to cancel your entire upcoming schedule.

She’ll catch you completely off-guard-a total surprise.

She’ll blow the other “options” you have away, and when you try to spend “quantity time” with those other women, your mind will be firmly in touch with the fact you’d rather be somewhere else.

Don’t confuse this phenomenon with “oneitis”.

What we’re talking about here is brought about by having LOTS of options, resulting in CLEAR RECOGNITION when “perfect imperfection” is in your midst.

And now, the most crucial piece:

What will HER reaction to YOU be?

I hate to break it to you, but any incredibly sharp woman’s response to a “recovering PUA” will be something to the effect of,

“Very nice. But I’m hiding the axes and chainsaws.”

What’s up with that?


Let’s say you were convicted twenty years ago of a brutal axe murder. Or a “chainsaw massacre”. But you got out on parole recently because of “good behavior”.

If I met you we might become friends. You know, have a beer…hit the links with a couple buds.

And perhaps you would tell me that the past is gone, you’ve had a “conversion experience” and you are now a changed man. I’d be cool with that.

But I’d also hide the axes and chainsaws.

A great woman’s reaction to a guy who has lived the PUA lifestyle, but who is now “ready for a change”, will be quite similar to what I’ve just described.

She’s going to watch you very closely. And she’s going to take a LONG FREAKING time to completely trust your new frame of mind. In fact, she may NEVER fully trust it. And she has that right.

Think about your entire life ahead before you dive head first into a particular lifestyle choice (even if you are 55 and newly-divorced).

This is very much the kind of educated mindset that you must have before getting a tattoo, for example.

The decisions you make now must be weighed against future possibilities.

When it comes to women, when you make your bed you’ve got to sleep in it…literally.

Deserve what you want.

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