Push This – Get A Girlfriend? Do Women Really Have Cheat Codes?

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Guy Using Cheat Code Attract Woman

Push a couple buttons on your game controller and it opens up a cheat code allowing you access to unworldly riches, experience points, and unlimited worlds you would have to spend years playing – just to get.

It’s gamer’s dream, right?

But what about women – do they have a cheat code?

Are there a few buttons you can press to unlock her desires for you, give you access to places on her you’ve been denied so many times in the past, and make her fall so madly in love with you she’ll be yours forever in mind, her body, and desires too?

Yes – there is!

Simple Cheat Code Makes Any Woman Fall In Love With You… Even If She Doesn’t Want To

We ALL have our HOT buttons.

When someone pushes them it automatically sends our emotions in one direction or another.

From instantaneous jealousy to road rage, to freaking out over some idiot in front of you in line, a hilarious Facebook meme that makes you want to share it instantly with your friends, etc…

A sexual hot button that triggers your attraction to a woman without her even saying a word.

Women, without a doubt have many of them too, and knowing what they are, how to push them, and what they all mean is literally a GAME changer for any guy who wants to get with her.

This also means that you matter how good-looking you are, how tall or short you might be, how flat broke you are, or even how much older and younger than her you are…

You can still use this code because it originates in a part of a woman’s mind that she has no direct control over – once she feels it – once you push the right ones in the right order – she’s helpless to feel an emotional overload of attraction to you.

Quick story…

When I graduated from High School and my college days were over, my prospects of meeting women dropped to practically zero.

So I went to some online dating sites like Eharmony to find my “true” love.

I’d spend hours browsing and drooling over their pictures. I’d then study their profile and imagined a future together. Yeah – I was that pathetic.

When I finally got the nerve to send a message, it took me hours to craft what I believed to be a perfect love note. She’d have to get back to me I thought.

I wasted so much freaking time being all so nice and romantic months flew by before I realized my inbox was only filled with fake ass women who were probably dudes trying to get my money.

Long story short – I failed miserably at it. One real date that went nowhere and the chick didn’t even finish the meal I paid for. Pfft!!!

I had all but given up when I ran into a dating guru who had these “cheat codes” and so I invested my time into learning them and practicing them online – just to see what happens.

Since I knew I was only practicing for the real world, I opened up dating site after dating site without looking at how far away these women were, meaning the choices I had were in the thousands.

The results at first were a little odd but I immediately noticed a change in how women were reacting to me, my profile, and my messages too.

So I tweaked and learned a little more about what all these codes were and it hit me HARD one day when it ALL came together because it was working like MAGIC.

Again, because most of these women were long distance and I really wasn’t interested in starting up one of those relationships, I wanted the REAL thing – I made a cool plan.

Send the message.

Use the cheat codes.

Get them on the phone as quickly as possible.

And yes – get them to engage in some fun phone sex with pictures and loud moaning as they masturbated to my voice.

Repeat with as many of the hottest women I could find.

It didn’t take me long to “crack the code”.

No more spending months talking to some chick online who wouldn’t even meet up with me; no more spending hours of my precious time thinking about what to write…

I went from one pathetic date which took my more than few weeks to talk her into going out with me to my…  (and yes, I am proud and only a little ashamed to admit because these women knew EXACTLY what they were getting into) – fastest time ever to sending a message and getting her moaning to me on the phone while she masturbated…

Less the about TEN MINUTES, and it would’ve been quicker if I could’ve learned to type a little faster.

These codes DO work.

Women have buttons that can be easily pushed just like you and I do too.

Don’t miss this great opportunity or else you’ll be shutting out so many hot women who are begging to meet a guy who knows how to push her “secret” buttons.

Simple Cheat Code Makes Any Woman Fall In Love With You… Even If She Doesn’t Want To


Mike Fiore just put up this pretty embarrassing video that teaches you the video game “Cheat Code” to the female mind. . .

Just by pushing these three simple psychological buttons in any girl’s mind you can make her feel an overwhelming need to be your lover, your girlfriend or even your wife (if that’s what you’re going for.)

You’ll have to watch the video to see why it’s so embarrassing but the picture of Mike back in High School alone is worth seeing.

In this video Mike introduces you to a pair of “Magic Breasts” that will get you laid. Weird, I know. But it’ll make sense when you see it.

The coolest part of this presentation is where he teaches you about the “Desire Gap” in a woman’s mind.

You’ve probably never heard of the “Desire Gap” before, but it’s the real reason you don’t have the incredible girlfriend (or girlfriends) you want right now. . .

See, what no girl ever tells you is that there’s a huge mental and emotional GAP between what a woman THINKS she wants.

And what she ACTUALLY wants deep in her genes.

As you already know, giving a woman what she THINKS she wants is a guaranteed way to make sure she’s NEVER attracted to you.

It’s a secret women don’t want you to know about.

The secret is that women LIE about what they want, what they need, what makes them attracted to a guy.

It’s the reason being a “Nice” guy leaves you alone on a Friday night playing Xbox while the girl of your dreams is throwing herself at some mongoloid at the bar.

But once you learn the truth about the “Desire Gap” its’ like you have super powers.

Suddenly you can push the “secret buttons” in any woman’s mind.

Magic Breasts Video Thumbnail

To make her like you, lust after you, even fall in love with you.

I can’t explain it anywhere near as well as Mike does in this presentation, and once you hear what he has to say you’ll feel this crazy grin spreading across your face because you FINALLY understand how to GET the girl (or girls) you want.

Click Here for the Simple Cheat Code For The Female Mind Let’s You Play Her Like A Video Game

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