Reading A Man – Are You Going To Make Me Your Needy Little Bitch?


She made me love her like no other woman before. What was her secret? How did she make me so needy? Did she really understand me and read my mind?

Do you really want to read my, excuse me, any man’s mind?

Do you really want to know exactly what men are thinking?

And one more even bigger question…

When you understand “how to trigger a man’s hot button” you’ll have an unfair advantage in every encounter you have with him, you’ll have him devote all his passions and desire towards you.

Is that want you really want?

I once met a young woman who quickly fell in “like” with me.

She was intrigued by my actions and words. She told me later on that even though she was incapable of “love” she had felt something with me like no other guy before was capable of doing.

She even once admitted, “If this is what love feels like – you’re the only guy who has ever made me feel this way.”

Of course followed it with a very secure kiss.

Now in my mind I was into her.

But here’s the strange part… She didn’t fit many of my self-proclaimed preferences in the looks department.

Yet after a just few romantic encounters, some sexual, she became the “hottest girl in the world.”

Her voice, her body, her hair, her adorable face, the way her eyes lit up when she saw me, even the smallest strand of hair which sometimes covered her cheeks became the most beautiful image in the world to me.

Sadly though, our relationship didn’t last very long at all. I have every reason to believe it is one thing which I can not mention, but now, after many years or research and so many more experiences with women, I know now why our “affair” didn’t last…

She made me her needy little bitch.

It’s true.

At first I stayed my ground and she fell quickly for me. I was the one unique guy who changed it all for her. I was the first guy to give her exactly what she had been missing.

She literally risked it all for me.

I teased her. I laughed with her. I made her smile. I could put her to sleep if I wanted to and I could make her scream in bed.

In the beginning she felt she could not have “all of me.” and was contempt to keep a piece of me just out of reach.

Now you have to understand I wasn’t doing everything for her. I wasn’t there at a moments notice. I wasn’t begging or pleading with her and I certainly wasn’t some kiss-ass she could’ve found anywhere. Okay so I over-dramatized a little.

But I did change and it was that small emotional shift I experienced which she immediately saw that destroyed everything and anything she felt for me.

When the risk was not worth the reward she lost the emotional charge I gave her causing us to go our separate ways.

From my point of view it was like she was reading my mind.

Like she couldn’t do any wrong.

Like she had cast some spell on me forcing me to devote just a little more to her.

I began to rely on her support and although she never asked me to do anything for her – it was clear I would’ve found a way to give her anything she ever wanted or needed, just to keep her in my life.

Okay she was different and that’s for sure.

Young and undecided.

I was her first “real man” experience and she made it very clear the whole “love” thing wasn’t something she was capable of. For whatever her reasons were she was against letting those deep down emotions dictate her life.

You may be asking, at least I hope you are…

“How? How did she turn you, a man who was used to dating and sleeping with several women at once, into her beckoning lover?”

You want know the truth?

It was the way she connected with me.

It was the way she didn’t “need” me for anything.

It was the way she could take care of herself in every sense of the word.

It wasn’t the way I felt she knew what I was thinking but more of a simple often missed fact about men entirely…

I could and wanted to tell her everything. I wanted nothing less but the absolute best for her and this often meant revealing my feelings in such a way there would be no doubt about it.

She inspired me to be better because of her.

Unfortunately all the things she did without even knowing it made me look like I was becoming her needy little bitch. For her, the very same thing which caused me to feel so attracted, ended up turning me into a guy she didn’t want to be a girlfriend to anymore.

But you know what…that’s her issue and she’d admit it without delay.

I called her up one day and spoke honestly with her. I told her I felt she was pulling away and since I did not want to hold her back, now was the time to decide to call it all off and never be intimate again.

Well it didn’t take long for her to break it off and I wish I could say it was easy, but it wasn’t.

Being a man – sometimes we get hooked and it’s hard, even by our suggestion to let a great women go just because it’s the right things to do.

This is where my “needy” attitude destroyed any chances of hooking up later on and only solidified her decision. When she saw that part of me she was undoubtedly convinced herself that she had made the right decision.

Hypothetically speaking let’s say you want to know what it was about her which managed to bring out such desire for her, even though she didn’t match my physical preferences early on.

You feel like having a man fall for you that hard would be great.

You might even feel a little pissed at her because you’re thinking,

“Wow if I could get a man like you to be that way with me so I’m not dealing with so many losers all the time, I’d take that advice in a second. And I wouldn’t let it slip away like she did. I know what love is. I’ve felt it before and I’m determined to feel it again.”

Now I know or I should warn you – if you make any man your need little (I’ll be nice) “toy” there’s a chance you will quickly fall out of love with him.

The truth is – that woman understood me in a way which brought out the very best and happiest parts of me. She understood me like not many woman have.

I’m not talking about superficial understanding – I’m taking about understanding my emotions in a way which made me want to give her more.

She didn’t have a manual.

She picked it up all on her own even though she didn’t want it or understand where it came from.

She actually did NOT understand it or want men to feel this way about her.

But you might…for whatever personal situation you’re in – whether it’s a relationship that’s falling apart, or you’re just tired of having the same men follow you around when you feel nothing back, or even if you want to understand men better so you can make them your needy little bitch. 🙂

You can pick up this manual for yourself and within a few very short minutes begin to understand men better and what our “hot buttons” are.

You CAN learn how to trigger a deep attraction and desire for you just like my past love did…

First watch the presentation – then decide right now that you DO want to learn how to read a man, all men… Your boyfriend, Your husband, The guy who delivers your mail, or even the cute guy you keep bumping into at work, and quite literally any man who has been alluding you for way too long.

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