Reveal How He Feels With Two Quick Text Messages

Guy Revealing How Feel With Text

Written by Peter White – Creator and writer at Why Do Guys…?

I bet you’re a “master text-er.” You can whip out your phone faster than any of your guy friends and you know how to use it.

If only your “love life” worked as efficiently as your text messages you wouldn’t have to be searching for an answer today.

You might have your phone under control but those men, you know the ones who elude you at every turn, like they’re actually trying to piss you off or play some silly dating game.

They have a serious problem with a seemingly simple task of just texting you back.

It annoys you so much you feel like ripping your hair out because you just don’t understand…WHY!

Give me a few minutes of your time today and I promise to get to the bottom of why a guy doesn’t text you back and…

You will also get two simple texts to send a guy which will reveal if he’s worth your time and if he’s interested in you.

Let’s get real about this problem.

Men are not the best with their phone skills when it comes to an attractive woman such as yourself. Keep that in mind and expect anything and everything from him with regards to texting.

It’s no secret that lots of men are terrible “texters.” In fact I’ve sold so many “texting guides for men” without even trying that there must be something going on with their terrible texting habits.

Okay, let’s play fair – women just like you buy them too but that’s neither here nor there.

Here is where I’m going to show you a practically guaranteed method to get him to text you back quicker with two easy texts.

(Go ahead and let me know how it worked for you below… the bad and the good.)

SEND THIS: I was just thinking about you. 🙂

If you get no response within five minutes…

SEND THIS: HA! And now you have the pleasure of thinking about me. 😉

DO NOT send another text until you hear back from him.

If he’s not into you you’re going to find out quickly.

How he responds says everything about how much he’s attracted to you and what type of guy he really is.

If he doesn’t respond and you’re completely positive (without a doubt) there’s not a good reason, then he is just not that interested in you.

I know it sucks but hey, two texts to see if a guy is into you is not really an investment which is going to break your emotional bank, is it?

I’ll explain why it works.

Men can not resist wondering if a potential girlfriend is thinking about them.

He’ll get that “cocky” look in his eye when it’s happening and it drives him crazy when he has to guess. He now knows you’re thinking about him and when you “suggest” he’ll be thinking about you, he will have no choice but to do just that…

Think about you in a way which is close to how he FEELS about you.

Because when a man can not get an image of a woman out of their mind he finds himself desiring her more and more.

Here’s the cool part of about this simple text routine.

You’ll know quickly what TYPE of man you’re dealing with. He’ll either crumble or step up to the plate of your flirty text. In other words – he will either shut up or put up.

And the really cool part is that you’re not forcing the issue at all.

It doesn’t come off as needy or desperate which makes him want to reply to you even more.

You’re making a quick statement which doesn’t even require a response which is what you want because he’ll text back IF he’s into you and based on what he texts back – will reveal how much and in which way he is interested in you.

You’ve read how to get him to “Man-Up” with you so I felt it only right to give you some common and not so common reasons on why a guy does not or can not text you back:

1. He’s busy at work.
2. His phone service sucks.
3. He has a wife or girlfriend who is close by.
4. He’s on a date.
5. He’s having sex with another woman.. or man. :O
6. You send him too many “forwards.”
7. You don’t send him any real pictures of you.
8. He’s not interested or attracted to you.
9. He thinks texting you back too quickly goes against the “dating code.”
10. He’s driving somewhere.
11. His battery is dead or his phone is lost once again.
12. He is showering or doing something in the bathroom.
13. He is masturbating.

13 Real Reasons Why A Guy Will Not, Can Not, or Does Not Text You Back

Now that you know what to text him PLEASE before you send the routine – there are some very important warnings you must be aware of:

  • Don’t over use it on one guy or you’ll kill its effect. It’s a one and done kind of thing unless you change it.
  • Change it slightly to fit your personal situation. Constantly develop it and mix in some flirty humor.
  • Understand there are reasons beyond a man’s control which make it impossible to respond immediately. Be patient.
  • If you insist on texting him again before he responds, wait at least 24 hours and then text this, “I think that picture I sent you yesterday is going to get me in trouble. :p “. I’m telling you this one works amazingly well but it’s sexual overtone is not for everyone.
  • If you are not having fun with it you’re doing something wrong. Comment below what happened and I’ll see what I can do for you.
  • Sending a sexy picture of you will get a response but depending on his age he will show it to his friends so expect that to happen. Younger men in particular. Sending pictures do work but they are more effective in other ways.

You have the texting routine, some of the reasons why it works and how it does it’s magic; you also have a stamped-out list of why a guy will not or can not text you back…


HOW do you know how he feels or if he’s interested in you just by what or if he texts you back.

The obvious first:

If you don’t hear anything back AFTER the two texts, and a reasonable amount of time passes – it will generally mean he’s either not interested  (in that way) OR he’s with someone else romantically. Either way it’s a clear sign to not text him again.

If he plays into your flirty text then that’s a good sign he’s attracted to you.

Interest is something else.

The difference is attraction is what we feel towards women, interest is what we feel when we want to explore those feelings more with you.

If he responds back in a less flirty kind of weird boring way – this means one of two things:

He doesn’t know how to flirt or text flirt (which is the less probably reason) OR he’s not attracted to you or interested in exploring the romantic side with you.

Sure you can try again but it’s not advisable because there are many other opportunities with other men.

Why waste your time, energy, and amazing texting skills on a guy who is either not into you or doesn’t even know how to text flirt with a woman he likes.

Us guys, okay well it’s a human thing but, when someone texts us something like what I’ve asked you to send, we can not help but to interpret what it means based on HOW we’re feeling about the person who is sending it to us. It’s human nature to be curious.

Think about it.

The message isn’t really sexual at all.

Sure it’s a little flirty but sexual, I think not.

The interpretation then becomes more of a personal thing to the person receiving it.

Imagine if someone you’ve known for years as (just a friend) sends you it. Wouldn’t you think it was a little creepy? Wouldn’t it be way out of character?

Downright weird and certainly random.

It wouldn’t feel sexual at all because it’s interpreted by you as coming from someone who is… just a friend.

But when it comes to a relationship which is not known or clearly defined, meaning he could be into you or not, attracted to you or not, (the text message) is ambiguous in nature.

It could be interpreted either way.

Which is why it works and how it WILL work for you.

The guy being sent the message interprets it based on how he feels about you or how he sees you – romantically, attracted, as a friend, a potential date, etc…

That almost wraps it up for today. Hope you enjoyed it and learned something about men or anything which will help you meet, attract, and date the right guy for you.

Whereas I do run everything around here I mainly pay attention to my main site: Why Do Guys…? Understanding Men Made Simple.

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  • Jenny

    The guy i like and i have just recently started texting again. We had a class together and talked a little then and texted a little. Sometimes he’ll send blushing emojis when we say goodnight or he’ll send a kissy face emoji. And he asked me when we first started talking again if i have or had ever had feelings for him then i told him and now we’ve just been texting a lot. I want to use these 2 text and find out how he feels but i’ve always been super afraid of rejection. What should i do?

    • Peter White

      He’s sending you kisses and blushing AND he’s asking you if you have feelings for him. What more do you need to know?

      You don’t need the texts, he already is attracted to you in some way.

  • Skye

    I did this and it worked now what lol!!! I’m curious

    • Peter White

      Very cool Skye, Glad it worked.


  • Ashley

    So my situation is tricky. I was with my ex from 16-30, divorced and haven’t dated in those 3 years since. Met up with an old high school friend and had an amazing date, which ended in bed. We text back and forth, we have both said we want to meet up and hang out again, but he hasn’t committed to a specific date. He is SUPER busy with work right now, so I don’t know when to even suggest a “date” to see where this is going. Will this 2 step message be a good ice breaker to get an actual date, or open up a discussion of “where are we going with this?”

    • Peter White

      Ashley, first things first. I know you’ve been out of the dating “arena” for a while so I’ll keep that in mind.

      I don’t like dating rules but one good thing to follow is to NEVER sleep with a man early on IF you’re looking for something more. Read this and it will explain more: (It’s from my archived newsletters.)

      Second: No, it’s way too early to open a discussion about “where it’s going” and using this text message sequence would not be a good lead in for that to happen. (On the side notice how hard it is to know where things are going or what he wants AFTER you’ve already slept together. These are things you must learn BEFORE you get sexual.) So no, don’t use this for anything but what it is intended to do – engage his interest.

      Third: Men will tend to move at their own pace for better or for worse. Men will also let you know if they want a date or second date and IF they want it bad enough will MAKE the time for it to happen. This means, if he’s not calling, not texting, if you’re doing all the work, if he’s not making the right moves or time with you – then he just doesn’t want it badly enough AND will probably only contact you again when he’s sexually aroused.

      I realize it’s been a long time for you and you’re not all that experienced with dating so, no matter what happens, keep all this in mind, worse comes to worse, at least you went out and enjoy some probably well-needed sex. If that’s all it turns out to be – so be it.

      Now you have some powerful information to avoid this sort of thing in the future with a different guy.

      All the best,

  • Geet Aditya

    It will be cool to give a try. I’m excited with this!

  • John

    How stupid. No – you are absolutely forcing the issue and manipulating him. My answer would be “Don’t ever contact me again” and then nothing else. Ever. This might be a good way to get players and PUAs, and if you’re a girl who wants those guys you aren’t for me. Just be patient and let the relationship develop, and you’ll have your answer soon enough.

    • So you’re saying that when a woman texts you that she’s thinking about you, your gut response would be to tell her to never contact you again. This is NOT a game John. SHE is thinking about texting a guy and I’m merely advocating WHAT to say. There’s a distinct difference between game playing and this.

      However I DO agree that a relationship should develop, someone should be patient, but this article is not about relationships – it’s here to help women figure out what a guy feels about her in as little words as possible. You must admit men aren’t always good is displaying how they feel and this type of communication makes it easy for him to open up because she’s opening up to him.

  • Mandy

    Haven’t heard from him in almost 2 days (2 whole days, omg, I know, LOL).
    I texted him with: Hi Babe! I’m thinking about you.
    Less than 10 seconds later a response from him: Aww. Ditto.

    In my opinion, that’s interest. It was rapid-fire response time. If he wasn’t interested he would have ignored me completely. But an instant response that was short but still positive is clear to me.

    • Peter White

      Great to hear Mandy. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

  • Wilianti Tjung

    Same here..not even texting me 2days straight and then I texted him, ” I was just thinking about you” 3.58pm, His reply was “me too” and asked me out for dinner at the same day after he finished work. At 5.11pm😮

  • Tammy

    I have been texting and dating my neighbor for over a month. He texted me two nights ago and because I fell asleep due to him keeping me up till 4 am the previous morning and did not respond to his text he texted me saying I got It. I texted him explain why I didn’t respond to his texts he did not respond throughout that day I texted him and stopped by his home 1x and he didn’t answer the door. He now isn’t even reading my text I sent two yesterday AM saying good morning and asked him if we could talk? What do?

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