Reveal How He Feels With Two Quick Text Messages

Guy Revealing How Feel With Text

Written by Peter White – Creator and writer at Why Do Guys…?

I bet you’re a “master text-er.” You can whip out your phone faster than any of your guy friends and you know how to use it.

If only your “love life” worked as efficiently as your text messages you wouldn’t have to be searching for an answer today.

You might have your phone under control but those men, you know the ones who elude you at every turn, like they’re actually trying to piss you off or play some silly dating game.

They have a serious problem with a seemingly simple task of just texting you back.

It annoys you so much you feel like ripping your hair out because you just don’t understand…WHY!

Give me a few minutes of your time today and I promise to get to the bottom of why a guy doesn’t text you back and…

You will also get two simple texts to send a guy which will reveal if he’s worth your time and if he’s interested in you.

Let’s get real about this problem.

Men are not the best with their phone skills when it comes to an attractive woman such as yourself. Keep that in mind and expect anything and everything from him with regards to texting.

It’s no secret that lots of men are terrible “texters.” In fact I’ve sold so many “texting guides for men” without even trying that there must be something going on with their terrible texting habits.

Okay, let’s play fair – women just like you buy them too but that’s neither here nor there.

Here is where I’m going to show you a practically guaranteed method to get him to text you back quicker with two easy texts.

(Go ahead and let me know how it worked for you below… the bad and the good.)

SEND THIS: I was just thinking about you. 🙂

If you get no response within five minutes…

SEND THIS: HA! And now you have the pleasure of thinking about me. 😉

DO NOT send another text until you hear back from him.

If he’s not into you you’re going to find out quickly.

How he responds says everything about how much he’s attracted to you and what type of guy he really is.

If he doesn’t respond and you’re completely positive (without a doubt) there’s not a good reason, then he is just not that interested in you.

I know it sucks but hey, two texts to see if a guy is into you is not really an investment which is going to break your emotional bank, is it?

I’ll explain why it works.

Men can not resist wondering if a potential girlfriend is thinking about them.

He’ll get that “cocky” look in his eye when it’s happening and it drives him crazy when he has to guess. He now knows you’re thinking about him and when you “suggest” he’ll be thinking about you, he will have no choice but to do just that…

Think about you in a way which is close to how he FEELS about you.

Because when a man can not get an image of a woman out of their mind he finds himself desiring her more and more.

Here’s the cool part of about this simple text routine.

You’ll know quickly what TYPE of man you’re dealing with. He’ll either crumble or step up to the plate of your flirty text. In other words – he will either shut up or put up.

And the really cool part is that you’re not forcing the issue at all.

It doesn’t come off as needy or desperate which makes him want to reply to you even more.

You’re making a quick statement which doesn’t even require a response which is what you want because he’ll text back IF he’s into you and based on what he texts back – will reveal how much and in which way he is interested in you.

You’ve read how to get him to “Man-Up” with you so I felt it only right to give you some common and not so common reasons on why a guy does not or can not text you back:

1. He’s busy at work.
2. His phone service sucks.
3. He has a wife or girlfriend who is close by.
4. He’s on a date.
5. He’s having sex with another woman.. or man. :O
6. You send him too many “forwards.”
7. You don’t send him any real pictures of you.
8. He’s not interested or attracted to you.
9. He thinks texting you back too quickly goes against the “dating code.”
10. He’s driving somewhere.
11. His battery is dead or his phone is lost once again.
12. He is showering or doing something in the bathroom.
13. He is masturbating.

13 Real Reasons Why A Guy Will Not, Can Not, or Does Not Text You Back

Now that you know what to text him PLEASE before you send the routine – there are some very important warnings you must be aware of:

  • Don’t over use it on one guy or you’ll kill its effect. It’s a one and done kind of thing unless you change it.
  • Change it slightly to fit your personal situation. Constantly develop it and mix in some flirty humor.
  • Understand there are reasons beyond a man’s control which make it impossible to respond immediately. Be patient.
  • If you insist on texting him again before he responds, wait at least 24 hours and then text this, “I think that picture I sent you yesterday is going to get me in trouble. :p “. I’m telling you this one works amazingly well but it’s sexual overtone is not for everyone.
  • If you are not having fun with it you’re doing something wrong. Comment below what happened and I’ll see what I can do for you.
  • Sending a sexy picture of you will get a response but depending on his age he will show it to his friends so expect that to happen. Younger men in particular. Sending pictures do work but they are more effective in other ways.

You have the texting routine, some of the reasons why it works and how it does it’s magic; you also have a stamped-out list of why a guy will not or can not text you back…


HOW do you know how he feels or if he’s interested in you just by what or if he texts you back.

The obvious first:

If you don’t hear anything back AFTER the two texts, and a reasonable amount of time passes – it will generally mean he’s either not interested  (in that way) OR he’s with someone else romantically. Either way it’s a clear sign to not text him again.

If he plays into your flirty text then that’s a good sign he’s attracted to you.

Interest is something else.

The difference is attraction is what we feel towards women, interest is what we feel when we want to explore those feelings more with you.

If he responds back in a less flirty kind of weird boring way – this means one of two things:

He doesn’t know how to flirt or text flirt (which is the less probably reason) OR he’s not attracted to you or interested in exploring the romantic side with you.

Sure you can try again but it’s not advisable because there are many other opportunities with other men.

Why waste your time, energy, and amazing texting skills on a guy who is either not into you or doesn’t even know how to text flirt with a woman he likes.

Us guys, okay well it’s a human thing but, when someone texts us something like what I’ve asked you to send, we can not help but to interpret what it means based on HOW we’re feeling about the person who is sending it to us. It’s human nature to be curious.

Think about it.

The message isn’t really sexual at all.

Sure it’s a little flirty but sexual, I think not.

The interpretation then becomes more of a personal thing to the person receiving it.

Imagine if someone you’ve known for years as (just a friend) sends you it. Wouldn’t you think it was a little creepy? Wouldn’t it be way out of character?

Downright weird and certainly random.

It wouldn’t feel sexual at all because it’s interpreted by you as coming from someone who is… just a friend.

But when it comes to a relationship which is not known or clearly defined, meaning he could be into you or not, attracted to you or not, (the text message) is ambiguous in nature.

It could be interpreted either way.

Which is why it works and how it WILL work for you.

The guy being sent the message interprets it based on how he feels about you or how he sees you – romantically, attracted, as a friend, a potential date, etc…

That almost wraps it up for today. Hope you enjoyed it and learned something about men or anything which will help you meet, attract, and date the right guy for you.

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  • Shay


    I went on one date with a guy who was on vacation from another state. He tried to meet up with me several times before (at the beach during the day) but I had to work, so we met the night before he left town. He held my hand, we kissed and ended adding each other on social media and saying we hope to see each other again soon and told me when he planned to come back. He told me to text him when I got home and I didn’t do it. I was hoping for him to touch bases with me and send a cute little message or something. I didn’t hear from him and I texted him two days later stating thanks for checking on me #somefriend ha (I don’t know what to say clearly). His response was “why would I check on you when I had to drive x amount of hours back home…lol but you like to play games not my thing.” I responded asking how do I play games and he did not respond. I texted him again the next day inquiring what he meant and telling him I thought things ended well that night and I don’t play games. I still have not heard anything back. I kept wondering what could have gone wrong about the night that he didn’t want to continue talking to me just even on a here and there basis. Then I thought was that a way to push me away by saying I games because what could he possibly have meant esp. being that I know he is not looking for a serious relationship right now. I thought we could have been cool and someone for me to communicate with from time to time, more often than none. If something turned him off from me when we met (which the night didn’t end that way), why even respond to my text at all to provoke a reaction and then not continue. He should have just ignored me altogether than to I’m playing games. :/

    • Peter White

      Hi Shay.

      It seems he took your response as sort of a clingy move AND he might have taken it as you thought there was something more between the two of you.

      So you can blame a guy for being an idiot and not having a sense of humor…

      BUT in his shoes this what he probably meant which went beyond the clinginess…

      First, you wrote, “He told me to text him when I got home and I didn’t do it.”

      He asked you to text him and you didn’t because, “I was hoping for him to touch bases with me and send a cute little message or something.”

      Now to a guy or anyone that means, he asked you to do something but you decided not to because you wanted HIM to text you first BUT you didn’t say that to him.

      That’s where he senses a “game”

      Next we have, “I didn’t hear from him and I texted him two days later stating thanks for checking on me #somefriend ha”

      You texted him a few days later than he expected with a somewhat rude response #somefriend ha. Now I would’ve saw the humor in it but this guy took it as a (still) failure on your part to text him when you got home. Which you didn’t.

      His statement after says it all for him, “why would I check on you when I had to drive x amount of hours back home… lol but you like to play games not my thing.”

      Which meant – “I was busy driving long hours when I can not contact someone and you didn’t seem to care less about that. You only cared that I didn’t get back to you the way you wanted when I asked you to text me in the first place.”

      Whether some see that as a game or not is just semantics.

      It was actually a breakdown of communication and he saw it as a game you were playing and quickly decided, because it’s easy to make a quick judgement over someone from far away you’ll never see accidentally anyways.

      The fact is: He asked you to do something because he was busy driving and you didn’t because you wanted him to show you how much he liked you first by texting you. Instead of apologizing for not doing it it, you accused HIM of not caring enough for you which amped up his feelings of “she playing games” which caused him to cut it off quickly.

      This didn’t happen the night before he left. It happened while he was on the way home.

      He felt justified telling you how he felt and probably thought it was a clear cut off of communication. He chose to not just ignore you and tell you how he felt.

      Hope that clears everything up for you,


      • Shay

        Hi Pete,
        Thank you for your response. I’m still a little confused. If he thought my text was clingy or that I expected more why would he even care if I was playing games if he wanted nothing more? Why even say it if it didn’t matter to him? Unless it was just an excuse to cut off communication.

        • Peter White

          Hi Shay. He might’ve felt your text was a little clingy or assumed too much (at least that’s what I saw) BUT I just don’t believe that what was the reason why he acted the way he did.

          What he took from it was that you were playing a game, probably because that’s what he sees women do. Meaning – HE assumes it’s a game because that’s the first thing he looks for to disqualify a woman. Whether it’s true or not, it’s what he believes.

          What we see if what we get when we’re not willing to look past our narrow view of the world.


  • Ena

    We been texting and calling for 2 weeks. He was nice and I think we are connected. Then we met one Sat for brunch. We hugged in bed but not really make out. He said to spent the night in my place after a family dinner that day. He texted me sorry he cant make it. The next day I sent “hi” text and he replied the same thing. I teased him as a snob and texted back he is busy cleaning. Then he never text back. For almost 2 weeks I let it go. Until I can’t resist and send him “i was just thinking about you” and in 1 min he replied “who is this?”. I didn’t reply back.
    For some reason it satisfy me doing it. I fetl i have redeem myself from being ditched ?

    • Ena

      Hi Peter,

      With above being said and done, could you please enlighten me. Appreciate it.


  • mary

    Hi Peter!

    So, I texted this guy with ” I was just thinking about you” and he responded with this: “Good, so how was it? You love thinking/ imagining about us doing things you never had before…exciting!!!…yah! ”

    What do you think this means???

    Thanks for reading.


    • Peter White

      Hi Mary,

      It means he assumed you were thinking about him sexually or at least he was teasing or inferring it to bust your ass a little.

      He did add “exciting” and “yah!” which is a clear sign he’s into it. 🙂

      You’re welcome,,


  • AJ

    Texted guy casually seeing and things were good we would text everyday, but always too busy to see me, we live 1.5 hours away. We’re supposed to do something over holiday weekend, but something came up for him again. He stopped to give me advice on a purchase I was making, didn’t kiss me, just gave me a hug, few more texts every few days, I wondered if not interested. So I sent these texts and he responded “egads”. Still confused.

    • Peter White

      I agree Aj. That’s a very confusing answer. It could mean “egads” like “You’re teasing me, stop it! Haha!” or it could mean “egads” – “You’re getting a little too clingy”

      The hard part about figuring out what’s going on here is not knowing the context of your previous texts with him. If you just sent this out of context, he’s going to take it one way. If you’ve been flirty with him a lot and you conversations can be a little edgy, then this fits perfectly.

      It does sound like he’s losing interest a little. A guy who is texting you less and less (depending again on the context of your texting habits) AND only live 1.5 hours away but is not making plans to see AND a guy who will travel that far to see you but only gives you a hug or makes no effort to do something more, it’s not always a good sign.

      Hope it all works out for you,


  • Amanda

    Please help…
    I met a guy online and immediately communication was easy going and in full force. It was only a couple of days before I was receiving a good morning text and good night text everyday. After a couple weeks I felt as though he did pull back. (specific example: he invited me to an invite but I could not attend. the day of the event he texted me preemptively stating he probably wouldn’t be texting me much. I turned into the typical girl and instead of even sending a “are you having fun?” text, I waited to see if he would text me. And he didn’t) the next day I told him he was slipping and not showing interest or putting forth effort and I basically was ending it. But he stated he was sorry and wanted to make it up to me and that this was worth fighting for because he really liked me. We continued going on dates to which we would have private conversations where he would tell me how much he liked me and that even though he doesn’t always do or say the right things he just wanted me to know he liked me very much. It eventually turned into nights where he would ask me if I loved him and when I was bashful and smiley about answering he would get happy and say you do!! and I eventually i said yes, I do. A couple of months go by, on what seems to be a heavenly experience… then my senses pickup that he is pulling back and I texted him stating that something was off and he agreed. I panicked and broke it off – defensive move. He responded asking if I would still talk to him, if we could be friends and I said I couldn’t agree to that… obviously bc I wanted more and a friendship was too painful. we didn’t talk for a week and then I asked if he meant to break up with me and he responded I never broke up with you. He said he was trying to figure things out before saying something he didn’t mean or hurting me. I immediately felt like a fool for the realization I had ended the relationship I saw lasting a lifetime. We never got back together but I went into full recovery mode of telling him how much he meant to me and that I missed him. He would always reply, stating “i can’t say I don’t miss you.” “i’m sorry that I can’t figure this out”. (***important add-in, he is about to go on his first deployment for 8 months) One night we ended up meeting late night and well ya know, rekindled our “love”. He really did make me feel loved though… caressing my hand, holding me all night and even asked if I could hang out with him that next day but I had a prior engagement – with my kids!!– otherwise there would have been nothing that would’ve stopped me from being with him. communication at this point was definitely more my effort and was every couple of days. After a few weeks of constantly pouring my heart out, it became too painful for me to keep being vulnerable. so I once again reacted in a manner that I hoped would either get a response or push him away, I kind of called the radio and vented. I know, I know. but I didn’t mention his name I just talked about not knowing what a guy wants, was he really into me or now using me for a booty call… and then I texted him the station for him to listen to me rant.. yea again, I know. I apologized but as expected he said ” you will never hear from me again. ” after that text I knew I had to leave him alone be bc I had crossed a line. It has been about a month and half since that incident. Then last Friday I had a few drinks and drunk dialed him, late at night of course. He didn’t answer and my heart shattered. I thought wow, he really hates me or never liked me. (never occurred to me he might’ve been sleeping, ha). but I really thought ok I need to let go. BUT… the very next night, he reciprocated the call. A late night, more than likely drunk call. Just like I had done. I do not want this to be an insignificant relationship. I am head over heels for this man. With that being said I know I shouldn’t be calling him late night and drunk. But i’m terrified to text him sober and put my heart on the line again. How do I know if he feels the same? if we really had something genuine? … i’m terrified. Is there a way I can refresh this? get us back to where we once were or somehow start over with a healthy start?

    hopelessly in love, Amanda

  • Kristie

    Omg…the text worked! I hadn’t heard from him in over 24hrs but as soon as i sent that text it was litterly 20secs i got a response. He giggled with a wink. You think he is interested?

    • Peter White

      Of course he’s interested Kristie. 😉

  • Pamela

    I started talking to this guy via messenger. A friend told him about me and apparently he was very interested. Our messages have been very sweet and very charming. Surprise texts. He sends kisses. Calls me gorgeous and sends kisses goodnight. He tells me hes so glad he and I found each other the way we did through a friend and he really enjoys talking to me and getting to know me better. Hes an airline pilot living in TX. I am in NY. His Aunt coincidently lives 30 min from me and hes planning a visit because he really would like to meet me and get to know me better. The past few weeks out messages diminshed…just like that. Poof. I’ve texted him a few times saying things like, “Hey Stranger, just saying hellp, hope all is well.” He’ll reply within the hour, “hey gorgeous, yeah everything is going well, not much fun though been real busy with a lot of things lately…just a crazy few weeks but it will all be fine.” and I will say something like, “Oh ok I just hope im not bothering you, it seems as if I may have been.” and his response, “No you out of all people are never bother me. If I had it my way I would talk to you on here for hours, just been busy (helping a friend move, offered to help a pilot buddy with his corporate jet, paperwork for his next flight…etc etc..those were some of the reasons in different messages he would send) …..but I really enjoy talking to you and I would really enjoy getting to know you bettwr, just been crazy.”
    And I would say, “Oh I understand, just please let me know if I come across as bothersome.” He then would say, “No never, I’m glad you messaged me, ok gorgeous im going to jump in the shower. Kisses and stop saying sorry.”
    I told him I would like to get to know him better as well and kisses.
    He said he loved that last message with a kiss emoji.

    Just not sure what to think of the situation. He’s 37 years old. Hasn’t been involved for 2 years, no kids. Just that he hasn’t initiated the messages like in the beginning, but yet his responses are all so positive and reinforcing…I can’t figure out if he’s just trying to be polite and is playing games or what.

  • kate

    Hello!! 🙂
    My name is kate , and ive been talking to this guy lately and its all nice and fun , we are soo alike and we have a lot of things in common , he texts me everyday thru whatsapp , since the first day we talked he was all sweet and nice! he doesnt even talk to me in a dirty way like most guys ! which i find very respectful of him! he said hes glad we met and stuff like that , we like to text eachother and stuff but currently im outside my country for a month and after that ill return and probably meet him for the first time , (this is not a catfish episode, he went to college with my cousin and he graduated from the same school my bestfriend graduated) but anyways, he says he doesnt want to rush things and stuff like that and that we have to go out on dates to see whats up, but yesterday he stared replying my texts really late.. makes me question?? is he losing his interest on me , and how can i keep it? how do i make him stay around when i return. HELPPPPP!

    • Peter White

      Hello Kate.

      I believe we have found your answer through Twitter. Lovely to meet you and hope we got it all straightened out.


  • Tiff

    So I met this guy on vacation that I had this huge crush on all week. I didn’t think he liked me at all but we had a couple heart to hearts and he told me he was pretty much desperate to move to America or Canada and had actually married someone a few years ago to try to get to Canada. Things hadn’t worked out and he was now getting a divorce. Anyway, I had hooked up one morning with this other dude for the first time in my life. It was a big mistake. My friends later on our last night told him I had a crush. He messaged me and stayed over an hour after his 16 hour shift ended to try to find me and talk again. That night I was really drunk (also for the first time in my life) and was very uncoordinated so it took me a long time to find him. Apparently I accidentally ran my mouth about the hookup that morning right when I was about to hookup with my crush. He ran away. It was very embarrassing and I apologized over direct messenger but he just said I was just like all other girls. Even after I got home he messaged me over 2 different methods and we eventually got in another huge argument which involved him basically telling me I was a hoe and me telling him he was several very bad names. This was about 4 days ago. I actually told him not to contact me again until he was ready to apologize for being an a**hole. I had a moment of strength and blocked him but then I followed him again. He had to approve it so I’m sure he thinks I’m being silly. Now I just can’t stop thinking about him. It’s so ridiculous. I don’t know what got into me on vacation because I’m like the “good girl”. I’ve deleted his phone number and snapchat but I know if I block him on Instagram I’ll end up following him again. Help!

    • Peter White

      Hello Tiff.

      Mistakes happen. I understand that.

      Unfortunately when it comes to guys, I don’t see many of them getting past this. Even if he claims he would, he might always use it against you or feel like you’re below him… as if HE has never made a mistake in his life. Remember HE is the one who married someone just to become a citizen.

      NOW… in my mind the ONLY mistake you made was telling him just before you were about to do something with him. I’m sure your sober self would’ve stopped yourself. I’ve done some pretty stupid drunk stuff myself so I know how you feel.

      Sadly though, I can not help you make him see things differently. I can only warn you of what might happen if things work out or if he “pretends” to be okay with it because I know it won’t be easy.

      That means – it happened. He’s not the only guy you’re ever going to meet and since it was on vacation, chances are it will subside quicker than you might believe IF you don’t allow yourself to get carried away with trying to prove to him you’re not who he thinks you are.

      In my eyes – again – maybe I’m just a little more open – but hooking up with a guy on vacation and then having the luck to meet someone else later that day you already liked is not that bad at all.

      I wouldn’t judge for for it so please refrain from judging yourself too harshly for it too.

      Again, if your aim is to prove yourself to him, that can only lead to a future problem.

      It might be best to just let it go and find a way to allow the emotions to run their course until they subside.

      All the best…


      • Tiff

        Hey thanks for your response. I don’t feel like I necessarily want to prove myself to him I guess I’d just like to talk to him. I want to message him but have no idea what to say. I know the smart and mature thing would be to let it go. But part of me wonders what would happen if I just said hey what’s up or something. I know I’m crazy haha. Thanks.

        • Peter White

          Yep, you’re crazy Tiff. :p A wild vacation, one drunken fun night out; you’re living on the edge now, admit it! 😀

          Of course I’m going to say that when I hear, “I don’t feel like I necessarily want to prove myself to him I guess” this is not a very convincing argument. But if you say so, then okay. Haha!

          Say something to him then. Wait a few weeks or a little while at least.

          Send him a lovely clean picture, NOT something taken on your vacation, and see what happens.

          Just please do NOT let him use this experience against you by any means whatsoever.

          I wouldn’t open with an apology or anything that would bring up the past. Start new and fresh.

  • Cathy


    We met online. The sparks flew and since he’s in military we went on a holiday together when he had some days off. Fast forward 6 months of meeting online: Everything was going great, but one day I snapped because he said he wasn’t sure about the future. I wanted to move on immediately since I thought I didn’t want to waste my time on another non committal bf FYI we both are 27. He tried his best to calm me down and weighed pros and cons of what future might be like with him. By the time, I became a little sure about him he got wary so I thought to call it a night and discuss this later. The later never came as he told me that we have broken up next day. I tried talking to him after a week but in vain. He had made his mind. I told him I might be pregnant (this was a month after we met for a night) to which he thought was a trick to get him back. I thought to go no contact for a month. I texted him a month and a week later with a picture of his belongings. To which he replied after a day saying someone will pick it up from me. I texted back saying I was hoping he’d pick it up himself and that I care about him. To which he hasn’t replied he has read those texts. Do you think these texts would work on him?

    I think he loves me but he’s being very careful to not let me in his turbulent world he thinks I will be left hurt later.

    Please advice.

    • Peter White

      No. I do not think these texts will work on him.

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