Rori Raye – New Rules for Love and Attracting Men


It’s my opinion Rori is about self love but she can also show you how men work and how to get them to positively respond to you in a more attractive way.

She can help you solve your relationships problems by giving you the emotional shift needed to be experience your life to the fullest.

She also wants you to understand how each and every woman alive will only allow so much love in their life…

I feel her new “rules for love” will give you guidelines and a structure to stand by to keep you constantly progressing forward with all your relationships with men.

Rather than give you an overview I want you to step through some of her best work.

Please consider this a short course designed by Rori Raye herself.

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Simple solutions to some common problems you might be having with men:

  • How you can easily appear more attractive
  • How to be the prize he’s looking for
  • How to show him interest without chasing him
  • How staying secure in yourself allows him to reveal his true feelings about you
  • How putting yourself first actually opens up men to you
  • How to keep your feminine energy
  • What makes you the most interesting women in the world to him

Are You Stopping Him From Falling For You?

In your efforts to let a man know you’re interested in him, you might actually be blocking his ability to get close to you.

Find out why, and what you can do instead so that he naturally feels the urge to move the relationship forward.

Are You Stopping Him From Falling For You?

Why You Need To Date Many Guys To Find Your One

Stop settling for dating one guy and start dating many men. This will help you eliminate being needy. Give you choices. Allows you to be the chooser. Opens new surprises. Let’s you take things slowly. No more sabotaging the commitment which will get you the intimacy you desire. Just by dating many guys.

Why You Need To Date Many guys To Find Your One

How Making A Simple Shift Makes You Instantly More Attractive to Men

These simple truths revealed offer you any new dating experience the “attractive” edge you’ve may have been missing. When you begin over thinking it changes your attractive vibe. You must date other men to take the pressure off of both of you. So make sure you’re the prize.

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Are You Chasing Him And Don’t Even Know It? 

It’s normal to want to show interest in a man you like. You don’t want him to lose him before you get to know him. You try to act like the social director of the relationship.

You appear less attractive because you’re sending a message of insecurity. It pays to be patient. Let him take the lead.  Lure him and don’t chase him. Stay open to his attention.

Click to Stay secure in yourself…and the only way to be really sure of where his heart is.

How To Show Him You’re A Catch, Put Yourself First

It’s about what you are. You can not convince him to fall in love with you. Your feminine energy should guide to you. Be open to receive. People who are passionate about their interests are interesting people.

Putting yourself first may be scary but if you want to show him you’re a great catch, his value for you will go up when he has to work for you. What you are. What you let a man give to you. Being a modern siren. Not convincing a man to love you but leading him there is the way to his heart.

How To Show Him You’re A Great Catch, Who You Are & Put Yourself First

If He Is Friends With Another Woman – What to Do and How To Handle It

Your husband or boyfriend is friends with another women and it’s driving you crazy. You don’t want to jump to conclusions or mess up the relationship. Here’s how to handle this situation. Stop talking about her. Take focus off him and put it in yourself. To become aware of your true feelings, you have to feel them.

If He Is Friends With Another Woman – What to Do and How To Handle It

Stop Overfunctioning and Get The Love and Relationship You Do Deserve

You’re doing everything for him and he won’t even meet you half way. You’re missing the big tickets items in your relationship. You’re just not satisfied in with what is happening in your relationship.

Over functioning means not taking care of what matters. Trying to play your man’s part in the relationship as well as yours creates tension and conflict — and even if you could succeed at it, you wouldn’t like the results.

Click to Learn What The Big Tickets Items Are and Get the Love You Deserve

How To Make Him Feel Safe – Overcoming Your Fears and Being Secure

You didn’t even mention a relationship to him and he suddenly pulls away. Your fears come rushing at you and you don’t know how to handle them. You can work to make fear smaller, or you can work to make fear bigger.

This is what happens you try to take the pressure off a man by steering clear of your real desire for a real relationship. You make him feel unsafe.

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What Compassion and Loving Yourself Really Means and How To Do It

To get close to a man you have to let him in. Do the Rori Raye Mantra and see how all the compassion and love takes care of itself and thank yourself.

  • Be compassionate with yourself.
  • Be grateful to yourself.
  • Embrace yourself.

Click To learn How To Love Yourself By Not Compartmentalizing All Your Feelings

Your New Hat Is “Adventurer” – Ride The Highway Of Love & Happiness

Facing your fears and deciding to ride through life happy and full of adventure.

If you’re so afraid of detours, how will you handle the Highway of Love when you’re on it?

  • What if you run back to a dead-end?
  • What if you swear off detours?
  • What if you swear off possibilities?
  • Will you choose “Familiar” over “Better”?
  • Will you choose “Safely Stuck” over “Scary What I Really Want”?
  • Will you stay in worry and doubt and fear and not leave your house, or will you move out and about with abandon?
  • Will you keep your eyes open for danger, or will you allow in possibilities?

Try this way of choosing:

When you find yourself stuck, or afraid, ask yourself what road you’re on.
Click and Learn How To Put On Your Hat Marked Adventurer and Start Riding The Highway Of Love

If You’re Not in Touch With Your Feelings, He Won’t Feel Safe Expressing His…

Three Ways You’ll Push A Man Away – How To Inspire His Total Devotion

Three wrong ways to get a man to love you and share his commitment. Connect with heart if you want to inspire his total devotion and love to you.

Express your feelings by connecting with his heart and not his mind.
Click Here and see How What You’re Doing is Not Allowing Him to Connect with You


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Toxic Men – Get The Relationship You Want

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3 Steps To Transforming Your Man From “Toxic” To “Loving”

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