She’s Shows You How To Love Yourself For A Reason, To Connect With Men


Communicate to your man and yourself and allow the love to happen naturally.

I had subscribed to a man’s dating advice newsletter. I just wanted to understand women better and yes, get more dates.

Little did I know I would stumble upon a woman who was giving advice on relationships.

Thinking she was not for me I was all ready to hit the “stop” button and lose the cd…

Until she mentioned one thing about commitment which changed my views forever.

Here was a woman, giving advice to women, and telling them NOT to commit to a man.

She was telling them not to move in together unless they were married.

She was telling them to find themselves FIRST before they even begin to question whether marrying any guy.

Now of course that is not the only advice I took away – just the main point that stuck with me for many years now. ( And I probably got a little of it wrong…)

I believe it stuck with me because up until then, I always believed “women’s advice” was magazine based designed for women to steal mister gorgeous.

You know – How to look pretty. What men “really” like in bed. What men really want. How to attract men with just a smile or a wink.

All designed to give quick tips to sell something else – like advertisement space and a readership who likes to look at pretty pictures of women.

And of course ten tips a year on how to get their “current” boyfriend to commit – probably against his will.

It never occurred to me someone was teaching women how to love themselves and how to make a relationship more open and rewarding.

And yet was not selling “commitment” as the ultimate reward.

Okay so I’m a guy.

I dare you to ask me why security and love is so important when as a male, we’ve been labeled the non-emotional sex who only care about looks and a body to sleep with.

I’ll tell you the absolute truth. If you can take it – great. If you can’t – well then we have a problem or a difference of opinion, don’t we?

Men are not interested in constantly having to reassure our “significant” other of how pretty we think they are.

We’re not interested in hearing on a daily basis what you do not like about yourself.

Ouch! Hurts, that I understand.

But you see, a little is okay, we all have our issues in this area.

We enjoy complimenting you to engage that cute smile we fell in love with.

We  actually revel in our ability to support you – it feels masculine.

Like we’re doing what we were meant to be doing and when we get it right our maturity inspires us.

But is must be on our terms at least most of the time. It must be from our eyes and heart directly to you.

Your security or self-esteem and your ability to communicate it in many ways to yourself and then us is what makes love feel so very important to me, and men everywhere.

If we have to offer too much support beyond a certain point it becomes mind-numbing and causes us to shut ourselves off from communicating with you in some ways often leading to silence and a passive resistance.

Any real men with a healthy level of esteem and self-confidence wants a woman who feels just as good about themselves.

They will support your cause and direction in life but they do NOT want to be held responsible for it.

Self-love, as Rori teaches is just that – done for yourself.

To make you feel better.

To help you cope with anything life will throw at you.

To give you the strength, courage, and the right tools to fully grab life and run with it any way you want.

Those are the women us guys really want.

It’s true.

Insecure guys find themselves an insecure woman and vice-versa.

They feed off each other’s negative energy and reinforce the limited beliefs they carry around with them for everyone else to listen to.

Rori Raye very appropriately coined the phrase, “Have The Relationship You Want!” and with very good cause.

I believe she understands how important communication is in any marriage or girlfriend-boyfriend commitment.

Yet in order to communicate with the men in your life – you mist first learn how to communicate with yourself.

You must learn how to love yourself unconditionally before you can ever truly love someone else under those same terms.

Rori does teach women how to be a siren but her techniques are not based on using cheap tricks or fooling a man into believing you’re the one for him.

It’s about teaching yourself how to naturally have men open up to you in way which has him wanting to shower his love and attention back to you.

Here’s a direct quote from Rori Raye I would like you to think about…


In order to connect with a man’s HEART, so he’ll feel compelled to be with you and worship and adore you the way you deserve, you have to drop down into YOUR heart first. Once he feels your heart, he’ll open up his, creating a heart-to-heart connection that begins with expressing your feelings and being your most feminine, authentic self.

Most women buy into the lie that “men don’t like emotions.”

But the truth is, a man LOVES emotions.

He yearns for a woman who can help him feel his own feelings and therefore allow him to be himself.

If you’re not in touch with your feelings, he won’t feel safe expressing his.

Three Ways You’ll Push A Man Away – How To Inspire His Total Devotion

If you can honestly admit you love yourself and men are no problem at all for you…

Or how every relationship you’ve been in or are currently in is open and full of the kind of love that lasts forever, standing up against time strong as the day you first met – then Rori Raye is probably might not be for you.

But if you have your doubts – if you struggle feeling happy because there’s so much you don’t like about yourself, or if you find yourself constantly seeking a man to make all you internal struggles disappear, maybe you find yourself passing on the burden of your self-esteem to a current man in your life and slowly ruining the relationship…

Then I urge you to take a peek and let Rori show you her new rules of love and attracting men so you can take a step in the right direction.

You can take the first step to finally making and keeping a relationship with a man where he gladly opens up and commits to you. Click here and find out how Rori can Show You How To Get The Relationship You Want

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