Step Out Of The Man Circle and Learn A Direct Path To Any Man’s Heart


Stop chasing the wrong guy. Don’t settle for Mister oh he’s okay I guess. Make a difference by choosing the real steps to the right man’s heart.

The most common question, okay I’ll admit it – flat out demand I get from women who find out I show men what it takes to attract you is, “What about us?!!”

“Why don’t you show us how to get just one “good” man?”

It seems to me, quite honestly, women claim they only have two choices:

  1. The boring guy who does everything but create those amazing sparks with you. There’s a great chance a relationship with him would be stable. Not much fun but “drama” free. You’d never have to worry about him cheating on you. He’d do everything you ask. He’ll never forget you birthday or anniversary. He’ll just flat-out be there for you.
  2. The other guy. He “does it” for you. He makes you squirm in your pants. Now a relationship with him, “HA!” Even in the slight chance he’d commit to you, you’ll probably never feel like you have him anyways. He won’t open up much. It’s not that he’s not bright enough to remember those important dates, it’s like he just doesn’t care to remember.

You don’t want to settle for bland and the other guy – well he’s driving you crazy while you chase him in circles.

When I connect with the “female experience” I see so much settling – single or not.

You choose to eat “mildly” just in case.

The occasional indulgence followed by regret.

After that comes the “I’m okay with myself.”

Then the doubt reappears so you get depressed and when you’re depressed you get hungry…because at least “something” can satisfy your emotional need for fulfillment.

Admit it – you have and I bet you know lots of women who settle for “Mister Bland” or “Mild Guy.”

Maybe it’s because at least you’ll have some control over your life – well at least him.

You want to keep your treasured and unique feminine side but in this kind of relationship it’s almost impossible.

You’re in charge and you know it.

With #1 you’re allowing yourself to indulgence in a masculine role.

Seems pretty cool at first.

It’s powerfully addictive.

You might not have ever experienced this at work or with your parents, and every bill you pay makes you realize what little power you have over life and they just keep coming.

But as I’ve found with every addictive experience there is the inevitable opposite reaction – regret. You may even feel bad for thinking so much about yourself first.

Then the “I’m okay with it – or myself – or this relationship works on some level – or now’s it for the kids – or the worst ever, at least I’m not single.”

This progression then leads to the “What if I was single” thoughts.

The sexual fantasies get worse.

They become all too real and then that nasty little pain-in-the-butt nagging feeling comes back – DOUBT.

Now you’re depressed. Maybe for a minute.

An hour.

A day.

But you must admit over time depression adds up until soon, like I’ve seen so many women go through, feeling bad about things is just something you learn to “deal” with everyday.

Maybe if you give yourself a sad movie to watch, or an hour of quiet alone time to cry, you’ll get it out of your system.

At least that way you can get on with whatever until it happens again.

And all that really does is make you hungry – maybe not for a bacon cheeseburger but emotionally speaking you get hungry (again) for power.

Because at least you feel like you’re in control of something.

If you’re single or divorced, the power you usually indulge in is – dating, meeting, or going out with guys who you know have some serious flaw and the power of rejection is strong enough to send you emotionally spiking through every curve:

  • Indulgence in power. ( Mostly masculine end. )
  • Regret.
  • The Self-Assurance Talk.
  • Doubt.
  • Depression.
  • Indulgence in power. ( Mostly feminine end. )

Let me regress back to the question above…

“Why don’t you show us (women) how to get just one “good” man?”

You want to know the answer I usually give – you’re not going to like it but here it is…

Women chase their tails.

I see the same pattern over and over again.

Consciously or not they refuse to make a solid change which would take them off the beaten path they’ve made while running in circles.

Men who lack certain skills also chase their tails. They attract some women but usually get stuck on one.

The run the same “gauntlet” women do.

They literally experience femininity.

Men who lack “attraction” skills smash head first into sliding glass doors – again, again, again, and “ouch!” -again.

The truth is while they lay out half cold and stunned us “gurus” plant the right seeds, show or tell him to get up, and send him rolling along.

He typically lasts for a short time before he hits another glass door landing on the patio again.

But we do pick him up until sooner or later the glass disappears or becomes obvious to him – so he knows it’s there, opens it or walks away, thus avoiding the smashing pain.

I hear you, “Women chase their tails!!! What are we some kind of stupid dogs too stupid to realize we’re running in circles?”

Well obviously not but the analogy works.

No matter what you’re doing – if it’s not working for you the way you want it – and it keeps sending you round and round through the same emotional cycle – and you’re far from getting the ultimate man mix ( which is the wonderful blend of number 1 and 2 above) then you must admit you’re on, in the very least, some kind of Merry-Go-Round.

You’re stuck on a ride which goes up and down but really never goes anywhere.

If you feel like you’re still in the same place you’ve always been and you’re stuck with only two choices of men – then isn’t about time you found YOUR proverbial sliding glass door?

Isn’t it time you stunned yourself just enough to get you to wander off the sunken path you’ve made for yourself?

Isn’t it about time you allow yourself to experience something new and exciting – without the feeling of regret and doubt you always get after?

I’m not talking about empowerment. I’m not asking you to feel more powerful because you’re going after something you really want.

Won’t that just send you back to where you started from destined for another ride?

Do you want to know the most common advice that, without proper knowledge represents your not-so-free ticket on that Merry-Go-Round AND it’s everywhere?

  • You need to love yourself.
  • You need to be confident.
  • You need to be sexy.
  • You need to enjoy life.

Sure – that stuff works.

It’s a part of living.

That’s the kind of power you can seek all you want without fear or regrets.

But if you don’t understand how men work – or how to get him to work harder for you – you’ll only once again find yourself with those same two choices of men.

Sending you round and round and round…

I’m asking you right now, this very minute, to take one step to the left (or right) and just for a little while – focus on what it really takes to “melt a man’s heart.”

Any man you want!

Michael Fiore has set up a “sliding glass door” presentation for you to bump into. ( By the way Michael was man #2.) which you can watch right now by going here.

Within the first ten minutes you’ll learn the most powerful truths about how to make a man love you in three simple steps. 

These three steps are not just casually given but are backed up with a myriad of ways you can get them to work for you. They will not have you chasing your tail.

You’ll quickly understand why you don’t have to settle for #1 –  Mister Boring, or get stuck chasing #2 – the  “I don’t commit EVER guy.”

Take the next twenty minutes of your life and just stop, listen, and explore the “truths” about men and all you’ll ever need to to make him want to give up everything for you.

So…. “Why don’t I just show you how to get just one “good” man?”

Because I would be limiting you to one guy you might not be satisfied with anyways.

Learn how to attract any man you want – Learn what he needs – Learn what you can do to make them fall madly in love with you – and then you can truly use all those personal power techniques to decide your own relationship fate.

Capture His Heart is about getting off the Merry-Go-Round and finally realizing how easy it is to finally get the man of your dreams.

He’s out there.

He’s looking for you.

And by using these simple tools you’ll make it so easy for him to find you and to finally give you the relationship you deserve.

Click here to learn the the 3 simple steps to making a man truly obsessed with you so he’d do anything to keep you in his arms! 3 Steps To Make A Man Love You.


Bonuses Included:

  • The “Is He The One” Checklist.
  • Magnetic Attraction – How to get handsome, charming smart, kind, successful men to pursue you.
  • Dump Radar – 8 Signs that’s it’s about to happen to you.

You can read a few “advice” articles from Claire Casey here at the Approach. Just go here for the full list: Claire Casey – You’re About To Fall In Love With Her

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  • Leenz

    Having been in committed relationships for more than half of my 30 years of life, I am now single! I am not looking to jump into a relationship anytime soon, but I just want to let you know that I am truly enjoying reading about your perspective. I think I may have been guilty of settling in the past, and I am not trying to repeat any of the same mistakes! No chasing my tail over here! Haha

    • Peter White

      Great to hear Leenz and I’m sure your tail will appreciate it. 🙂 Keep moving forward.

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