When it comes to meeting, dating, marrying, commitment, men and women have it backwards. Getting in a relationship should be tough. Getting out easy. Yet, from the apparent breakups, it’s reversed. You put more value on things you work harder to achieve. Why don’t people work harder to find a long-lasting relationship?

When a guy is staring at you or checking you out and you don’t want to be approached, what do you do and does it work? A small peek into NLP and eye movements shows women how staring back might trigger the human mating ritual and give him the okay to stare more and then approach you. This will also show guys what to look for when and if a woman does want to be approached after the eye contact is made.

What do you assume when you judge her by her looks. Which are easier to approach, the beautiful or the cute? Assumptions are not good in meeting women. Competition for those beautiful women are lame. Here’s how to do it. Assume nothing. Don’t approach to get something. Approach to give something memorable – YOU!

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