Tell Men Your Secrets – What Do You Want Men To Know About Women?


We all have secrets. Is there anything you would like to tell men about women? Something which could help the communication problems between men and women or just something you want to get off y our chest.


t’s no secret there’s a communication problem between women and men.

What women often tell guys what they “really” want appear to be different than what they actually go for.

Attraction has a way of guiding or bending things in such a way that logic or reasoning has little to do with it.

This “lack of communication” does a few things but for today, let’s only concern ourselves with these two:

What you tell men you want or who or what you actually go for confuses lots of them. This confusion often has them acting strangely as they try to decipher your meaning and typically fail doing so.

You can call it all “mixed signals” on both ends if you like.

This leads to more misunderstandings on your end but let’s NOT play the blame game or who started it all but if you must, make sure you leave your opinion below whatever it is.

The other communication breakdown (for today) leads to a discussion of these important areas:

Dating – What it is? How do you define it? What does it mean to you and how it could differ from what a guy believes? Should he or you only date one person at a time and if not, should you tell the guy or do you want him to tell you he’s dating other women?

Attraction – Let’s not talk about what you would like to happen or who would you like to feel something for BUT what has happened. This means what pieces, parts, actions, personalities, body types, jobs, careers, superficial items have you actually found yourself with because of that trait or object?

It’s not what attracts you BUT attraction has caused you to act?

What causes your instant attraction for which you would act on and NOT what goes on inside your mind as you contemplate doing something about it.

Remember, guys become very confused when you say or think one thing but act different. Concern yourself with telling men what causes you to act and you might find more men concerning with actions themselves.

Approaching or Meeting Men – Do you want to be approached? Who do you want to approach you? What should a guy say? What should he do?

Think about it constructively.

Sure you see a few guys who are “checking you out” but what would separate them in your eyes? We all know that if every guy who ever looked at you actually met you, you would NOT be attracted to all of them. So which guys do you WANT to approach you because you are interested in something more with them?

When it comes to meeting men and men meeting women there’s an obvious breakdown because of all the fears, misread signals, lack of confidence, sexual energy, assumptions made by guys, and assumptions made by women.

If we could past all that we might be able to determine the realism of approaching and solve this problem once and for all.

Relationships – How do you define them? Who should commit to who first? Should he be the one to take it to the next level? How long do you wait for a guy? Does that depend on the guy?

Get to the absolute truth about your relationships with men, what caused them to work or break.

Tell men your biggest concerns in relationships for the lucky chance men will begin to see your point.

We can not stress how important all this communication is as quoted by Christian Carter himself (my favorite dating coach for women) in 5 Steps You Can Use To Push His Secret Button For Better Communication

Somehow instead of seeing the good and the positive intentions you have, they see intense negative emotions that they can’t understand. (..)

And the WORST mistakes you can make here with a man I call the 4 Deadly Sins:

Assuming – that he knows what you want or expect
Begging – for him to “give you” what you want
Convincing – trying to make him feel the way you do
Bullying – bullying him into your way of thinking or feeling.


his page is to…

Give you the opportunity to tell men your secret confessions, your wants and needs without leaving it to him to interpret in his manly way.

Tell men what YOU believe are the rules of attraction, dating, relationships, and how you see the game playing and what the playing does to you emotionally.

Guys will listen, I’ll make sure of that one way or another. 🙂

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  • Jay

    My relationship with my boyfriend is almost over I’m pregnant We just found out he has cheated on me mny times I forgave him An i guess I let it steam n side me an he wouldn’t let me talk to him about it to hear my feelings an So he wanted to have friends girls so I had guy friends he didn’t like that called me a cheater an he did try an express that he was jelious at that point I didn’t care about what he thought cuz he already cheated on me an didn’t wanna hear about it from me. So now he doesn’t wanna my text an wants anything to do with me. But Before this he was excited about the baby an he just left twn other day an said he will do what he wants when he wants I no thrs a big communication barrier,I need help from a mans point of view .

  • Madda

    Hey! Can you help me with a guy? I’m 16 years old and I need some advice

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