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Man Texting You Back

I want to show you an amazing way to get your boyfriend, your husband or that ONE GUY you want so much (but who always seems to ignore you) to CHASE YOU and crawl over broken glass to have you (and only you) in his arms.

FACT: For a guy to really COMMIT to a woman he has to feel like he’s EARNED her.

But a guy will only chase you if you tease him and bait him into it.

I’ve known several women in my life who were master-baiters. No pun intended but still kind of cool anyways.

It always felt they knew exactly what kind of message to send me that quite literally had me up countless late nights – as I argued with myself over sending her a text or not.

Truth be told – as a guy I didn’t want to seem overly eager because that got me nowhere in the past. Which is why these very few special women made it so difficult for me to resist my urges to get back to her as quickly as possible… just in case.

They would lure me in with a cute and coy message – and leave me there dangling and totally confused, but in a good way because no matter how I first felt when I met them, I could my attraction rising higher with each texting exchange.

All this comes with a huge WARNING:

I said a FEW special women who knew exactly what to send because they were extremely rare.

However there were countless others too who only made me want to do one or two things or both – sext or sleep with them.

The difference is:

The messages you send can either get him to chase you in the most romantic way, OR only encourage him to constantly send you dirty messages and you will ONLY ever be his sexting or fuck-buddy.

So be careful.

This is about ROMANCE.

This is about setting up or baiting a guy into to act on his SECRET ROMANTIC IMPULSES in which most guys are deathly afraid of doing because:

For one – it doesn’t feel manly or the masculine thing to do.


We ALL get a rather strange feeling that if we open up to a woman we like in this way – without her permission or without knowing exactly that you’re actually into us or not – you’ll run away leaving us alone, confused, and desperately feeling like we’re anything but a real man who is now STUCK and in love with a woman who doesn’t love us back.

So we’re careful – VERY cautious and you must BAIT us the right way to erase all our concerns.

As Michael Fiore puts it so well:

In Order For Your Man To Act On His Secret Romantic Impulses, He Needs You To Do 3 Things…

1. First He Needs You To Tease Him…

2. Second He Needs You To Give Him Permission To Be A Guy…

3. And Third (and this is weird for me as a guy to talk about)…

Your Man Needs To Feel Safe.

Like He Can Be Romantic Without It Being a “Big Deal”.

Without Huge Expectations And Without Any Other Guy Having To Know.

How To Turn A Romantic Numb-skull Into A Prince Charming By Just Pushing A Few Buttons On Your Phone

So how DO you “BAIT” a guy?

By texting him “Bait Questions” that sink into his brain and draw him to you like a powerful electromagnet.

Bait questions are short questions you send to a guy that keep him off balance and thinking you’re INSANELY INTRIGUING, and they do it WITHOUT you ever feeling like you’re chasing him or even hitting on him at all.

Here’s one of my favorite “Bait Questions” I got out of Mike Fiore’s program: Text The Romance Back 2.0

“If I were a genie and could grant you three wishes, what would they be?”

I LOVE this one because it opens up a huge amount of conversational options for you and a guy you like (and REALLY want to like you.)

And it lets you TEST a guy to see if he’s somebody you really want to date or not.

It’s a question that’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to ignore.

It’s a heck of a lot more effective than the “what’s up” most folks send over text.

According to Mike, the key to a great “Bait Question” is to keep a guy kind of confused.

Sound familiar to what I wrote above?

Obviously he knows you want to talk to him in SOME way if you’re sending him “Bait” like that.

But you’re not grabbing his bicep or shaking like a stripper or being NEEDY like most women.

Of course that’s just a tiny taste of the amazing effect you can have on a guy just by sending simple texts from the cell phone you’ve got in your purse or pocket right now.

Go Watch this Video to Learn EXACTLY How to “Text The Romance Back” Into Your Life!

Whether you’re married, single, divorced or just feel like the guys you meet won’t “Step Up” and romance you the way you want.

No more feeling like you always have to fight for his affection or “prove” how much you love him.

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