The Natural No Risk Approach To Meeting More Women


Use the wonderful people in your life to open no risk rejection approaches and to gather information.

A Six minute video where David Wygant (approach master) explains his no risk rejection approach to meeting women.

The video is cut short but there’s enough information to use as a beginner’s guide to overcoming anxiety around non-point men and women ( The one’s you’re attracted to.)

There’s no secret “pickup line” or magic words to use here.

This is about creating a lifestyle which has you naturally meeting women.

The goal or your purpose is to enhance your personality to playfully interact with those in your life you see everyday but avoid connecting with.

They key points of the video are:

  • See everything in slow motion. See it all. Notice the details.
  • Write down everything you see about women.
  • Learn about the point person. These are the people you see in your daily life you’re NOT attracted to.
  • Point people are people you see everyday.
  • Talk to everyone. Trade energy.
  • Pick the easy people to start conversations with and learn something about them.
  • You’re walking and creating a lifestyle.
  • Creating attraction starts with talking to every person you see.
  • Most of you go through your life not using the wonderful people around to gather information.
  • Find out about your cashiers and any person you interact with daily.
  • Gather information.
  • Information makes you POWERFUL. It is KEY to the success you have in life. MOST of the time is also the KEY to MEETING WOMEN.

Pick up David’s famous–>  Fearless Approach

David is perfect at creating the excited energy needed to make your meetings memorable and easy to transition.

It’s an unbeatable attitude to have and develop as you first run into your point people.

You may not know me or trust my opinions so I’ll just come out and say it – Get to know me.

Get to know David.

Get to know the people you meet everyday, start connecting with them and you WILL make approaching women a natural part of your life.

What I’ve found is that doing what David is telling us to do, finding point people, interacting more, creating easy non-anxious opportunities and getting to know people is crucial in learning how to meet women anywhere.

My personal advice (if you’re a beginner) is that you must get this down competently before you move to the next stage – which is transitioning to acquiring the more personal information from the women you want to see again.

Otherwise those pick up lines you keep trying might work once in a while, but all you’ll get are phone numbers and the digits of women who are just not that interested.

And the worst part is you will have to work that much harder to getting and keeping her attracted and interested in you.

Personally – I spent about three months doing this before I started seeing how easy it was to transition to at least a phone number.

BUT – within the first few weeks  (along with a cocky/funny attitude) I saw, experienced, and created so much new and fun energy in those around me – people noticed. Especially women.

The KEY was to become known. To get my name and face out there. To have fun with everyone I met and then (kind of) allow the more attractive women to join in.

Showing how to do it by leading her in the direction I wanted her to go. A very important “point” if you want to lead her sexually and get her turned on to you.

Notice his engage, disengage, and then involve technique which is intertwined among his playfulness and fearless approach.

Notice how he suggests you learn about people you are not attracted to.

Notice how he recommends you then use those people to create a lifestyle which makes meeting women practically unavoidable.

If you treat every outing as pressure filled moments while you decided what to say to a certain “hottie” trying to get her number – be ready to fail, a lot!

Trust me it’s not worth the trouble anyways because the only memory you’ll leave her with is,

“Yeah I gave some guy my number last night who tried to pick me up. I hope he doesn’t call.”

And that’s the last impression you want to make on her.

David has a ton of approach advice videos you can learn from.

Hopefully this will help solidify the information easier so you can get out practicing more and do less reading.

But for now – Before you do anything else today get David’s Fearless Approach. Pick it up because there’s a few things we’re not telling you about this “point people approach concept” and it’s something very important.

Injecting energy, knowing how to interact with the attractive women you do want, how to create almost immediate attraction, and the subtle details which will separate you from the rest starts with knowing what to say.

That’s why he calls it magic.

Not because it’s a magic line but because using his no fail openers works like magic and will leave the people you connect with a very memorable and wonderful experience.

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