What Men Are Noticing On You and What Triggers Our Physical Attraction


One night out and lots of women to check out. Follow me on a journey into the mind of a guy’s physical attraction and how it can help you get noticed.

You know guys check out women all the time, don’t you? If not, then please take it from me… We do!

Most of them just stare blindly. For some it’s a prelude to the “approach”.

Whatever our reasons are it leaves lots of questions in your mind…

What are we looking AT?

What are we looking FOR?

What made us notice you in the first place?

Does it mean we like what we see?

Of course if you feel you’re not getting noticed enough ( at least by the guys you DO want to meet) then what does trigger our physical attraction so you’ll know how to do it more frequently and more successful?

After all, it’s great to be admired by ALL men but in reality you only want some guys to actually “take the hint” and come over to talk to you already.

Follow me through a typical night out because I’m going to describe, in detail, exactly what I saw.

I’ll show you the similarities and the most common “sights” so you can see for yourself ( from a guy )what men are really noticing.

“…your body’s subtle visual cues will tip them off on what you’re feeling. Body language goes a long way in generating the aura you’re aiming for. Make A Good First Impression.”

You’ll also see how some women pass right under my radar and how others really stand out.

Her butt was hanging out past her skirt…

Well okay it was at the very edge.

Put it this way. She had to walk with her legs pressed together because if her hips dare to sway, you would have definitely seen a little bottom cheek.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. She had it to flaunt. Her skin was flawless. Her hair scrunched back perfectly revealing an amazingly simple but beautiful face.

She was definitely good-looking enough to pull it off.

She came in with a friend who was attractive but dressed rather causally.

If you must know, by the end of the night her butt cheeks were definitely showing and I’m sure I wasn’t the only guy who noticed.

Now you may ask or demand – “Well hey man. You noticed. You were checking her out. You WERE attracted to her enough to write about it.”

You’re absolutely right! As the old saying goes, “I wouldn’t throw her out of bed.”

But there’s another side to this.

You see I’m a guy.

I have strong sexual urges and an appetite for all kinds of sex.

I wouldn’t say hot beautiful women “turn me on” instantly but I do have an attraction which is triggered from a defined look but the very specific tastes vary from guy to guy.

Mentioning her at first was just the tip, you see noticed every woman in the place who managed to do it for me. I’ll explain…

One had blue jeans, a tan belt, something offsetting in red. I couldn’t tell you what it was because my mind only remembers a shapely butt.

One was really tall and although her body didn’t do much for me, kind of shapeless, I did notice her long black hair and very cute face. I suppose in a different place her long legs could have been displayed to catch my eye quickly.

Then there was Miss or Mrs, who knows, Black and white tight short dress with gorgeous brown eyes. She was my height. Shoulder length dark hair rounded out on the bottom. Her walk was sexy and natural. She caught my eyes several times and we locked on each other.

If you are wondering why I didn’t say anything to her I commend you because you’ll like the answer.

With men it’s all about timing. Yes. If you don’t time it right you’ll decrease your chances drastically of ever being approached.

With so many men engrossed in their own fears of the approach – timing and position becomes everything. He thinks he has a fifteen second window if he acts at all. I’d say its best to assure he gets more than that and be in the right position so it naturally happens.

Her walk was quick and I would’ve had to dive bomb in front of her to get her to stop.

Second with each pass, up to six of them back and forth, I was either talking to someone else sitting down and she had to dodge several other very loud people to get by or I was just about to take my shot. I was in the middle of a pool match.

Honestly I didn’t even get a chance to check her ass out and that kind of pissed me off. 😉

Remember – timing is everything with men if you’re looking to talk to more of them. If you’re NOT interested then I’ll say it again – timing is still everything if you know what I mean.

Here is a cool tip if you want more men to approach you:

Or at least make sure you time it perfectly to give him the best opportunity to approach…

Assume all guys are eager to at least meet you.

If you have the eye contact create the opportunity.

Give him at least a five second interval to introduce himself. Beyond that is his problem not yours so do NOT take it personally.

Count to five in your head with these words,

“You want me 1. You want me 2. You want me 3. You want me 4. You want me 5.”

Make eye contact, hint a smile, look at his lips for one “worded” second, then lean a little towards then pull back slowly making eye contact again.

Now back to what I saw…

There was another woman there – an old team mate. Nothing to talk about. Blonde. Round. But kind of sketchy if you know what I mean. I remember her daughter. Yes she’s legal. She seemed quite attractive.

In the back there was a hippy girl.

Hair that wanted to be in dreads but it looked like she wasn’t comfortable gong the extra mile for that one. She was cute. Small. Not much about her body to talk about since it was hidden behind loose hippy clothing.

We have two girls on our team. One short tiny spicy Italian girl with a hint of Irish. Another one – well not much to say about her. I think she’s married. Maybe not.

Let’s not forget the big busted bartender with attitude, the few other ones in back who were obviously hiding because they were too young to be there, oh and a random pop in.

The moral of the evening is… to understand us better.

Guys do NOT notice ALL women and they certainly do NOT recognize the entire package.

Take a look at the details I described above and you’ll see the pattern.

We notice:

  • Hair.
  • Body shape. Primarily the hips and butt area.
  • Direct Eye contact.
  • If we find you attractive… How you walk.

Once we see one of them we instantly look for another piece until we’re locked in what you could call the “attraction headlights.”

Honestly speaking from me to you – if you’re not getting guys to notice you, or get stuck in your “headlights” and I don’t mean your breasts – then you’re probably not taking care of those four main areas to your best ability.

And I know you can!

First try out my tip from above – the “get more men to approach you” test and see how it works. Yes I know it’s work but you must begin to understand if it’s your look or your ability to be approachable.

They are two different areas to consider. You might be making it tough for guys to talk to you OR you’re not presenting the right “parts” in the most attractive light.


Read this when you get a chance –> How Men Evaluate Women – It’s a short report but is helpful if you to know more about what us notice to be attractive.

Most “makeovers” only include quick surface tips but there’s more to being noticed than how you look.

Remember my areas above and how eye contact is on that list.

There are also two area to looking into:

  1. Presenting yourself in the most reasonable attractive way you can.
  2. Making yourself more approachable with the right timing, eye contact, and inviting body language.

Getting guys to notice you and triggering our physical attraction on the surface appears simple. Wear a short skirt. Dress in skimpy outfits. Show as much cleavage as legally possible.

But that only increases your chances as being seen as just a body and makes it much harder to create a more lasting attractive impression on us.

I’m not against seeing lots of skin and tight little bodies showing off. It has it’s place.

But if that’s all you do, or if you don’t have the body to pull it off, the men you will have banging on your door, or texting you at four in the morning are probably only doing it because, as unfortunate as it seems, equate “dressed loosely” to “sexual easiness.”

I can’t help their assumptions about you but you can.

You’ve learned today what us guys notice on you, what we are looking at, how much we notice but also how some women get all too easily lost in it all and never get noticed.

Try not to take all this so seriously because you could miss out on how much fun meeting guys could be.

Try reading my simple post to make you laugh –> Don’t Wait For Him To Approach You! Pick Up Lines For Women

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Comment me below if you have any questions on how you look, how to physically attract men, or if you’re just looking for an honest opinion about it all.

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