What Not To Do When You’re Feeling Jealous Over Her & What Works Better

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Written by Gloria Lee, Creator of Make Him A Monogamy Junkie.

Let’s talk about JEALOUSY … I think most of us have felt that wave of hot searing jealousy run through us, as we realize that another woman is just so… attractive!



Maybe you can’t help but worry about how you compare to your boyfriend or husband’s ex-partner.

Maybe your blood starts boiling when he tells “hilarious” stories about that blonde woman at work.

Or that ex-girlfriend he’s still in touch with pops up at a party.

Or his group of friends includes come cute women who are just so much fun. Grrr.

Sometimes these feelings of jealousy can manifest and build up, coming out in the open and causing havoc with your self esteem and your relationship.

When jealousy comes out into the open you can definitely tell and I know this because I USED TO BE THAT WOMAN.

I felt so threatened by other attractive woman that I’d get really upset if I so much as caught my boyfriend Jeremy looking at another woman. I felt like I was in competition with every other female, which was mentally exhausting and it absolutely destroyed my self-confidence.

I was constantly measuring myself against other women, and of course I’d usually find something THEY had that I didn’t have. It was such a negative head space to be in, and I never felt good enough.

I was obsessed…

If an attractive woman happened to saunter past our table when we were out for dinner I’d immediately lock my eyes onto my boyfriend’s face, checking to see if his eyes flickered off me and onto her.

It was like a test.

If we happened to see a beautiful woman, snarky negative comments would pop out of my mouth…

“Look at how much makeup she has plastered on! Yuck. She’s probably obsessed
with how she looks and spends all day taking selfies… she’d be so boring in real life, who’d want a girlfriend like that…”

At one of Jeremy’s work parties (where I knew no-one and felt really awkward) I finally got introduced to one of his female workmates Zoe, who he used to mention quite often when telling me about his day at work.

When I realized that Zoe was stunningly GORGEOUS I was really horrified.

From the moment I met her, I became fixated on the idea that Jeremy must find her more attractive than me.

I became an absolute mess. I’m pretty embarrassed about I behaved.

Every time I saw him sharing a laugh with Zoe at the party, even if they were in a big group of people, I could feel all the blood rushing to my face. I spent most of the party angrily glaring at Jeremy, trying to figure out how I compared to this woman.

Eventually I grabbed him by the hand and had worked myself up so much that I practically shouted,

“I feel like you’re ignoring me! Why are you spending so much time with HER – maybe SHE should be your girlfriend!”

I had turned myself into emotional wreck and it seriously jeopardized my relationship.

Whether you secretly compare yourself to others and give yourself a hard time, or your jealousy comes out into the open through your comments and actions, you’re acting like
your own worst enemy.

Seeing other women as competitors is dangerous because it has the OPPOSITE EFFECT that you want it to. Not only does it completely sabotage your own self-image and
confidence, but jealous behavior also has the effect of driving men away.

Pop quiz:

Do you think that a woman appears more ATTRACTIVE to her partner if…

A: She constantly puts down other women, demands that he pay her more attention, and stares at him angrily if he even talks with another woman.


B: She joins in the conversation and made a few jokes, has a great time chatting to whoever she wants, gives her partner lots of warm smiles, and shows off her own sparkly personality.

Most men will tell you that they find a self-assured and fun, happy woman (b) a million times more attractive than option (a).

Here’s the thing to remember if you EVER feel threatened by another woman…

Every time you compare yourself to another human being, you are refusing to honor your own unique genius and strengths, and you are negating your own unique set of the values and desires and drives that make you YOU.

Just know that consciously making the CHOICE to no longer compare yourself to others – in any way – is the key to releasing tension and fear and getting the support and love and adoration you want.

Massively increase your OWN attractiveness, strength and happiness by looking inwards, not outwards.

Instead of thinking about others and how you measure up, choose instead to focus on yourself.

Show the world your wonderful personality and the brightest, most sparkly version of you!

This will make you radiant and a joy to be around – you’ll be truly irresistible and incredibly attractive.

When you celebrate other women, and celebrate yourself for exactly who you are, you make yourself more beautiful and attractive to the whole world.

I know it’s not as easy as ‘flicking a switch’ to feel attractive and amazing.

Maybe you’ve been seriously hurt by previous relationships, maybe difficult things are happening in your life, or you haven’t been able to focus on yourself because you’re too busy looking after others.

I get it.

And there IS a solution.

I had spent YEARS looking after my three children and partner, only to find that he had a wandering eye when it came to other women.

Faced with a devastating breakup, I took action and made him completely ADDICTED to me.

In fact, I turned the breakup into a huge, sparkly engagement ring and a man who will
NEVER look at another woman again.

I explain how in my heartfelt video, go and watch it now:

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