Why Do Men Lie? Are Guys Really Scared Of Your Emotions?


Men are scared of something very intricate to a woman. Do you know what it is? Find out why men fear a woman’s emotions and why they lie to avoid them.

If you’re like most women you’ve probably been lied to by a man…

Actually, I can pretty much guarantee it.

The simple fact is, men lie to women all the time…

About little things…

About big things…

About things that don’t seem to matter at all…

And a lot of women want to know WHY?

WHY can’t he just tell me the truth?

My friend Michael Fiore ( he’s a nationally known relationship expert who’s helped thousands of women understand men and who even appeared on Rachael Ray ) says there’s actually THREE reasons that men lie to women.

Two of them are actually pretty innocent… here’s the first one that tends to SHOCK a lot of women…

Michael says that men lie to women because men are SCARED of women.

Not physically ( not usually, though occasionally you hear about a woman going all “Bobbitt” on her man. )

Nope, Michael says men are scared of women’s EMOTIONS.

See, it might sound weird, but emotions are actually harder for guys to deal with and to recover from for guys than they are for women.

According to Dr. John Gottman at the University of Washington ( right here in Seattle ) women can both enter and recover from extreme emotional states a LOT faster and easier than guys can.

If you think about it, it makes sense.

We’ve all seen a woman burst into tears one moment only to be totally fine 5 minutes later.

But when it comes to emotions, guys are a lot more “fragile.”

Gottman says it’s because of evolution.

Guys were evolved to be single taskers.

To push everything out of their mind except the one thing they’re hunting.

And because of that we’re slower to get into an emotional state and MUCH slower to get back out of it once we get there.

I like to think of it like swimming.

Getting “emotional” for women is a lot like jumping off a dock into a lake.

You get wet, sure. But the dock is right there and just a few seconds later you’re safe and dry…

But for guys, “getting emotional” is like getting dropped in the middle of the ocean…

Bobbing in the water.

Surrounded by sharks.

With land nowhere in site.

What does this have to do with LYING?


From a very young age, guys learn that if we tell you the truth you could FREAK OUT on us…

FLOOD us them with scary emotions…

And push them out in the ocean where it’ll take them hours to recover.

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