Why It’s DANGEROUS to Be a Straight Guy in America

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This poor guy recently got ARRESTED in Trader Joe’s trying to approach a smoking hot brunette.

The best part? He didn’t speak a single word to her!

It’s a pretty hilarious story, but something life changing came out of the whole experience that helped him fuck the SAME brunette later.

After that “event” he realized why so many girls (especially really attractive ones)get “creeped out” by most guys:

He calls it “The Feminist Nightmare.”

The reason you keep failing to attract the women you want ISN’T because you’re using the wrong lines, wearing the wrong clothes, or not showing enough confidence.

It’s because most men have become completely emasculated and let the women of the world take ALL of the power back.

REAL MEN are an ENDANGERED SPECIES and in 2020 it’s actually DANGEROUS to be a straight guy in America (or anywhere else in the world).

The good news is that once you open yours eyes to the “Feminist Nightmare” you can start taking full advantage of the biggest sex opportunity of your life (90% of men are COMPLETELY missing out on this).

All you need to do is watch this video and listen to Lawrence (the guy that got arrested) when he tells you the “lust codes” ALL women are impatiently waiting for you to say, that will have them ready to give you the ride of your life (no matter how “innocent” they seem).

How To Make Any Woman Obsessed With You Without Even Touching Her

You can forget all the lame manipulation tricks or “smooth” pickup techniques.

Think about all this for a moment.

Actually you don’t have to because I know it’s been on your mind a lot as you’re just as scared as every other poor guy who is afraid to approach a girl and just say hello:

The “Me Too” movement has given every woman the balls guys once had to accuse (falsely or not) any man she deems a threat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for equal rights and any scumbag politician or rich ass dirt bag or famous producer deserves to go to jail for their constant abuse, AND they’ve  definitely gotten away with it for way too long…

BUT what about the innocent?

What kind of “feminist” power gives the right to ANYONE to just scream GUILTY without due process.

They can ruin anyone’s life with just a simple tweet because why – they didn’t like him, or because she fucked the wrong guy and she knew it, because she got hit on, or even because – as in Lawrence’s case – she felt threatened by a smile?

But enough of that… because in reality I’m all for a woman’s right and her every accusation must be taken seriously by law.

My point is:

You’re scared – I get it. You have every right to be because based on what you and I have experienced and seen approaching women.

As Lawrence found out – you just never know when a simple hello or casual look can land you in some pretty hot water, bad circumstances, or even in jail.

AND since you’re a good guy – you’d rather just keep your mouth shut.

Basically do nothing and when you decide to DO nothing, you GET nothing, and their power grows and has grown over the years.

Which means – yes you guessed – you turned into a wimp in every woman’s eyes and unless you figure out how to turn things around, they will NEVER tell you how.

Well that’s ALL about to change for you today:

No more putting your tail between your legs and hiding away.

No more feeling scared or worried that you’ll be accused of something you didn’t do and would never do.

No more alone time with porn because you CAN get the real thing.

You see women have something called triggers but they’re more like CODES you can tap into IF you know the right thing to say.

Every woman out there “hides” her deep sexuality until you say these special “lust codes”.

The women of the world are desperately waiting for ANY man to “get” this because it gives even the most innocent girl “permission” to let you fulfill her craziest sexual fantasies:

If you’ve ever been HUMILIATED by a girl and felt that NAUSEOUS feeling as your balls CRAWLED up into your body to escape, you have to go watch this crazy presentation by Lawrence Lanoff right now.

How To Make Any Woman Obsessed With You Without Even Touching Her

TAKE YOUR PICK of MILLIONS of gorgeous, sexy, intelligent women who hate the “wimps” most guys have turned into.

And are desperate for a REAL MAN to give them the passionate, incredible sex they secretly crave.

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3 Psychological Reasons Women Won’t Fuck You!

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What you don’t know is that ALL women are MORE desperate for hot, sweaty, intense sex than you are.

They’re also impatiently waiting for ANY guy to finally “get” this.

There are three psychological reasons women “hide” their crazy sexual fantasies from you.

This video shows you how to easily obliterate all three psychological barriers and have her on her knees, ripping your pants off and shoving your cock in her mouth. . . even if she normally would find you repulsive:

How To Make Any Woman Obsessed With You Without Even Touching Her

This will show you what REALLY makes women horny as hell so you’ll never have to worry about “openers” or “approach” techniques again.

Just “get” this and any woman you approach will beg you to fuck her brains out over and over.

Understanding these three psychological barriers is the ONLY thing holding you back from an abundance of hot, steamy, mind blowing sex.

How To Make Any Woman Obsessed With You Without Even Touching Her

Opening Image by William Sun.

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