Why Men Stop Wanting To Have Sex With You

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You might not believe it but men can and often due lose interest in having sex with their wive or girlfriend.

The reasons vary but here’s the short list:

Low testosterone due to bad health, lack of exercise, older age, and feelings and experiences of consistent failure in any part of their life.

Aside from a man’s everyday experiences, a woman can all too easily lower a man’s libido in how she communicates with him but it’s not necessarily her fault.

A feeling of not being able or capable to please their women or give her an orgasm due to past experiences and/or their lack of ability or skill in bed.

Sex typically happens between a man and a woman, so if it’s not for his lack of trying, effort, or know-how, it could be a woman’s response or his perception of how satisfied she is sexually.

A lack of the right kind of encouragement which drives his sexual desires high enough to want it from her… all the time.

If a man is in a relationship for some time, he may begin to feel like she’s not trying hard enough or doing anything special that makes him feel like a real man – one who can please his woman.


What’s not important, despite what you read above, is to begin to place blame or search for whose fault it is.

Most of the time – since couples are “couples” it’s a little of both or most commonly:

Sex becomes less interested or not initiated as often as before because work, family life and all its added responsibility can easily suck the passion out of a relationship.

BUT it does not have to happen to you.

You CAN make “it” last forever.

You have all the power to drive up his sexual desires for you in a way that will last forever.

And it can all start with HOW you KISS your man or how you let him know HE should kiss you!


If you’ve ever cuddled up to your guy, pushed your butt back against him and given every signal you know how to give telling him you want to “play around” …

Only to have him make some excuse about being “too tired” or having him ignore you completely (leaving you feeling rejected and maybe even like there’s something “wrong” with you) …

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If you’re not having as much passionate, connected and even “naughty” sex with your man as you want to be, it’s NOT your fault.

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