The Women You Love Now and Later, Are Waiting For You To Persuade Them


So you have a list of women you’ve loved before who never gave you anything back… but you still can’t help but to adore her female ways. Is it fair?

To all the women I’ve loved before – Jenny, Nicole, Nancy, Michelle, Kris, Charlene, etc… who never loved me back, thank you!

Years ago, back when Dinosaurs ruled the earth, okay let’s not go back that far, before I truly understood one of the most generalized and talked about subjects in the world… women.

I loved every part of them.

Their hair.

The cute smiles.

Their endearing laughs.

The way their hips swayed when they walked.

A simple touch.

Every curve on their body.

The intoxicating, invigorating, energizing, mesmerized feeling I’d get when I saw them.

The only part of the female charm I did not like – was “her” complete and utter mystery which represented to me a goal I could never reach.

Always so close by but never intimate in a way I really wanted.

For so long all I wanted was companionship…

To wake up next to my “beauty” and share my life with her.

Even as far as showing our love off just to make other couples jealous, somewhat envious on the great thing we found in each other.

I wanted my dreams to become reality but living out a  “real true love” in every sense of the word only made me feel lonely.

It never seemed fair – How could such a strong desire to share love feel so freaking bad – while so many others seemed to have without even trying or didn’t even respect what they had.

How could wanting something so natural make my heart feel so worthless and forever-broken?

How could loving women so much turn me into a such a ( yeah so I thought pathetic ) hopeless romantic.

Emasculated, frustrated and willing to do anything for any pretty woman who would love me back half as much then I ever experienced before.

Thinking back now, those years I spent alone taught me something about myself.

It allowed me the time to become completely comfortable about myself and the situation I was in.

Except the comfortableness eventually turned into complacency.

I felt destined to be alone.

Destined to sit on the side lines to only watch the game.

I was settling in for a lifetime of either failure if I tried, or learn how to re-focus my efforts and give 100% to every talent I owned. Which I did.

But no matter how hard I tried to “forget” about all the women who never loved me back by “keeping myself busy” the feelings never went away.

I was just hiding them so on the side I tried by doing what I always did.

For every women I met the pattern was always the same.

What I did. How I acted. How I’d put myself close and become friends with her. How every moment I wished she’d make a move so I wouldn’t have to.

None of which obviously worked. But it was okay.

I had my life going on and would stumble on without them anyways. Apathy became the closest friend I had ever known.

My gratitude to the women I so casually rattled off, all true in name and still hold a clear smiling picture in my mind, is not meant to be sarcastic.

The goal was not to show bitterness and despair.

The gratitude is real because every woman who rejected me, actually inspired me…

“You’ve got to want to defeat any nagging frustration you feel about the past once and for all, and be 100% ready to move into a new, previously unseen realm that you might never have believed was even available to you.”

Female Persuasion – How To Make Any Woman Want To Do Anything For You

I thought hard about who would benefit from Scot’s persuasion, the guy who would it work for the best, the men who rightly deserved this massive amount of personal information about women, and it only made me think of my former self.

The guy who loved women so much, who would do anything for them, who only wanted to be loved, endeared, chased, and who so easily cherished every piece of her that even her faults were always “kind-of cute.”

If you have way too many unforgettable loves but had to settle for none, use them as a solid building block to your strengths as a single guy.

You’ve suffered the rejections.

You’ve learned to deal with it all as best as you can.

You’ve managed to move past them one-by-one and still found a way to keep your head up.

If you find yourself having to constantly re-focus to numb the pain of your past, then you have the ability to focus that very same energy like you have never before…

And to use it to discover absolute success with all women.

Look at every past woman who resides in your head, see their most adorable pose as clear as you can and thank them.

If they make you smile, if you still love them, if you still feel empowered by a “new” woman who catches your eye despite your past, if you can not escape being overly emotional because you just can not help but feel something for all women…

Then Female Persuasion was written for you and all you have to do to get it to work for you, or as Scot so elegantly claims…

“How To Make Any Woman Want To Do Anything For You” is use that same fire and passion and focus your efforts in the right place.

And you must do it before apathy sets in and you settle for something I’ll call “complacently single.”

Just before I hit my bottom, which by the way what I thought was the bottom was really just another door to feeling nothing, I got so sick and tired of believing I had to settle, I focused every bit of that energy to learn and understand women better than ever before.

So you love women? Then this is for you!

Use your fiery passion as your strength.  Use those same desires to get any woman you want, to literally do anything for you…

Female Persuasion – How To Make Any Woman Want To Do Anything For You

Do you feel like you’re always the one CHASING women?

You know, trying to get their attention…trying to start conversations with them?

Well as of today, it’s time to even the playing field once and for all.

That’s right. There’s a “hidden” set of secrets that guys in the know use every day to get even the world’s hottest women literally CRAVING them.

Scot McKay (who’s also one of the most respected dating experts on Planet Earth) has revealed them all in one groundbreaking—and dare I say controversial—package.

You’ll be instantly introduced to some of the most radical ideas you’ve seen in the world of men’s dating science in a LONG time… but they’re PURE GENIUS, without a doubt.

You’re going to get VERY excited to discover that you really, truly can compel ANY woman to do literally anything for you.

But here’s the crazy part.

That doesn’t only include any and every hot, sexy woman you have your eye on. Getting them to adore you is a GIVEN.

Scot will show you how to make ANY woman ANYWHERE want to do ANYTHING for you.

That means if there’s a woman behind the ticket counter at the airport, you can expect an upgrade.

That means all the female tellers will give you VIP treatment whenever you walk into the bank. You won’t even need to chase the waitress down to refill your iced tea anymore!

Yes, this is THAT powerful… and it’s BRAND NEW, so be sure to check it out today…

Female Persuasion – How To Make Any Woman Want To Do Anything… For You!

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