You Don’t Need Confidence or Looks To Instantly Attract Hot Women


Showing confidence will only get hot girls to notice. Instant attraction triggers an emotional response based on non-neediness and passing her tests.

I never left the house without making sure my hair was perfect, my breath was golden, my clothes were ironed, down to the last detail I needed to look perfect…

Why did I do this?

Women of course!

I treated my appearance as some guys treat the proverbial but all-too-real Condom in their pocket.

I wanted to be ready in case I ran into the hottest woman of my dreams.

And not entirely because I wanted to look my best hoping she’d magically “come on” to me, because I was sure there was at least one hot girl out there who would fall for me so badly – she would have no choice but to seduce me.

That way, and it wasn’t my laziness on getting the woman problem handled, but because I was so terrible with those “hotties” she’d finally be the one who saw what every other one refused to see.

I was hoping to meet any beautiful woman who was willing to see past all my insecurities and not give a shit about any of that stuff I believe women only wanted.

Yes of course – no matter how good I looked or how perfect I presented myself – it never worked.

But that never stopped me from doing it again and again. Sooner or later I thought, I’m bound to get lucky. So I kept up the charade for way too long.

You know why my technique never worked – the one I thought would because I believed “getting women to seduce me” meant I had to look or be better than the good-looking or rich guys I thought “those” type of women only fell for – NOPE – It never worked because I was trying to attract women based on what I was attracted to.

Her physical beauty.

And women, who sure can feel it for a guy physically almost instantly, their deepest trigger of attraction, the one that goes as deep as what makes us guys hard when we see a hot woman, works from an entirely different set of instinctual needs.

For a woman to feel that deep emotional attraction, the one that gets them acting as crazy as some of guys do over a certain “chic,” is not based on something physical.

But they do have those “triggers” and I’ve “met” a guy who can show you exactly what they are. ( And it has very little to do with how confident you are. Yeah that was a surprise to me too. )

Imagine a hot woman before she leaves her apartment.

What is she doing?

Checking her makeup. Her outfit. Looking at every angle of her body to make sure she looks “just right.”

For who – who is she doing it for?

She’s getting all dressed up for men!

Now some may argue that women dress for other women. How they’re competing for the best look. But why then – why would she compete with another woman to be the top looker anywhere she goes?

Again to compete over a guy.

But not just any guy.

She’s waiting for the man of her dreams to sweep her off her feet.

She believes…

What if he’s at the supermarket.

What if he bumps into her when she’s walking though a random parking lot.

Or while she’s shopping or even having coffee with her friends.

…What if?!!!!

Well like I was doing – she’s hoping her luck will change that magical day. ( And sometimes that means competing with her friends over him. )

I hope I haven’t lost you there because there’s such a huge connection between her situation and my past “outdated rubber” days, and it’s something which never occurred to me until I watched Jason’s presentation… Make Women Want You.

I never “got laid” because I was getting ready to look my best when women are ultimately NOT triggered by sight alone.

It’s us guys that are, not women.

She’s got every guy drooling over her because she’s getting ready and dressing up to use your well-known weakness to a beautiful sight.

She can not only get laid whenever she pleases, I bet she could even make 90% of guys run 2 miles back and forth to get her protection first.

5% to get protection so she can sleep with some other guy.

And that’s some sick shit if you ask me.

But that’s how powerful attraction is.

I don’t even want to tell you some of the stupid shit I’ve done because I was deeply attracted to a woman.

Hell I even called it love when it lasted long enough with girls I never even kissed.

Sad I know.


What about confidence. Are you uncontrollably, almost instantly attracted to a woman’s confidence?

I doubt it.

That’s not how your attraction works at first.

It may help in deciding a relationship but it’s not that gut feeling you get.

We never look at a woman and say to our friends,

“Wow would you check out the pair of confidence on that chic?”

So what other “trigger” do men who aren’t getting what they feel they deserve, drives up their attraction to such heights their brain shuts down making them do all kinds of stupid things hoping she’ll either be his girlfriend or at the very least, sleep with him?

It’s the cold hard, hurtful most depressing fact in the sexual world – she shows absolutely no sexual interest in the world.

Sometimes she won’t even give you the time of day.

If you’re not in with her it’s like you don’t even exist.

Makes you mad doesn’t it?

Gets under your skin.

Pulls at every fabric of your emotional state.

It literally “triggers” your desires and ramps them up like they’re supercharged.

And nothing you do or have done, or tried, makes a difference in the world.

But you keep trying anyways don’t you. The so-called prized is just that great. It’s even the ultimate “trophy” in some guy’s case.

This has shown me that no matter what kind of confidence we display, no matter how sure of ourselves we are, once we give in to her physical presence or carefully placed “test,” once we compromise our beliefs or values by how we respond to her “tests” of our neediness for her – she can not possibly experience the “emotional” state we feel when we get even casually rejected by her.

The key, as Jason explains, in order to tug on those same emotional triggers which we all know women are much more in tune with, is not about showing her this confident man supposedly every women wants.

It’s about pulling every fabric of her emotional state to trigger her desires and rev them up so high she can not help but to feel an amazing amount of attraction….

And that’s as simple as passing a simple test which is aimed at getting you to reveal just how needy you, are as early as possible.

Now before you get into the old “pretending you don’t care” doesn’t work, you’re right. At least it never worked for me.

It’s about passing her tests.

And you can’t do that by just ignoring her or “pretending” she doesn’t exist.

Remember that works on you because it engages your deepest emotional reaction.

Women are different. Like the “dressing up – going out” thing I talked about earlier where one works on you but not her hers applies here also.

Again when she’s dangling her “fruits” in front of your face – she’s knowingly or unknowingly triggering your physical attraction mechanism for maximum effect.

For you to trigger her emotional attraction dangling your “nuts” in her face don’t work for maximum effect.

You have to get deeper inside her mind and this can be as simple as not responding or showing neediness to her tests.

To a woman that feels the same as when she’s blowing you off.

It instantly makes her want you.

Now that I’ve shown you just a mere glimpse of what I learned or connected by watching Jason’s presentation , all based on my own experiences of course, you have to experience it for yourself to truly understand how this “stealth attraction” system can begin to work for you immediately.

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Creator – Jason Capital

A once self proclaimed “loser” with women. Jason sort of tripped over the techniques he teaches. He’s not a “guru” or a “PUA Artist. He’s a regular guy who became obsessed with attraction seduction and learned it all the hard way. Through experience and rejection. He’s now dedicated himself to helping guys get the girls they choose into bed as quickly as possible.

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